Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Action Figure Blues?

Recently some friends of mine at one of my online haunts were discussing whether or not their action figure interests were public. I'm proud to say that after years in hiding I'm now officially "out". It's just coming on three years now since I dusted off my comic book collection and unpacked my old Super Powers figures from my childhood and decided that I was a happier, more balanced being when I had things in my life besides work. I think I also said something to the wife about a hobby like this being less expensive than a sportscar and bringing less shame on the family than having an affair. I was right about the affair but as to being cheaper than a sportscar, well the jury's still out on that one. One thing's for sure - it's a happier, healthier me, and here I am.

My collecting interest is mainly DC Direct, with some DC Superheroes, JLU and Marvel thrown in. The reason I chose "Action Figure Blues" as the title for my blog is that it's a rough time to be a DC Direct collector. Scale issues, character selection issues and quality control issues are dampening the enjoyment that many collectors once took from what should be an excellent line of toys.

This blog is going to record the triumphs and tragedies of my collecting journey. It's my opinion only but I hope you'll enjoy it and talk back to me so I can hear what others have to say as well.

Let's start talking!




Anonymous said...

Fantstic BLOG! I still say I wish I was in charge of DC Direct action figure line 'cause i know i can do better!!!
My thing about the green lantern line is I wish they did a silver age Shark! He looks like he's from Motorcycle Mice from Mars or whattever they called it!

Anonymous said...

Good Stuff!

You hit the nail right on the head.


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