Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fishnets, Baby!

bc.cvr.girls.dcu I am really looking forward to the Cover Girls of the DC Universe Statue series (well, the collector in me is, my wallet is NOT) and was especially pleased to see Adam Hughes’ killer Black Canary appear, but she looked really naked without her fishnets (those ever practical lady superhero crime fighting accessories) when she was previewed at the recent shows.

Happy happiness, then, when someone pointed out that Superhero Times (and now the DCD website) have a pic with WITH the fishnets! Hoorah!

Zatanna still doesn’t have them on the DCD site, but for whatever reason she doesn’t look as naked without them as Dinah did.

I’m sure there’s a Power Girl coming in this line, but I hope we get a few more interesting characters beyond the obvious – Huntress and Vixen would rock my world!

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Aussie Retail Success!

Picture 005 Okay, I promise not to keep going on about this, but you have to understand how exciting it is to actually find toys in Oz! You might have heard alot about the drought it Australia – it ain’t just water we’re dealing with here! Without making any light of the dreadful situation our farmers are in, it’s been a drought in the toy aisles as well, and while I’d certainly prefer to see it broken by DCUC hitting the shelves, seeing any new Mattel or Hasbro product here at retail is just so exciting.

After yesterday’s success with finding Marvel Universe at my local Big W, I decided to check out the stores in the centre of town, and had a couple of finds. Like I mentioned yesterday I had already ordered the main figures I wanted from the Marvel Universe and Wolverine Origins line, but this was a chance to pick up some that I wouldn’t pay US exchange rates and shipping for but wouldn’t mind having. Today I scored Grey Hulk (complete with the same goofy face as Green Hulk) from Marvel Universe and Sabretooth and Logan from the Wolverine line (which was at Big W and a in a HUGE display at Target). I’ll save any comment on those two figures until I get the remaining figures I ordered. For now I just wanna celebrate!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marvel Universe hits Aussie shores!

Picture 026After just recovering from the excitement of finding Batman: The Brave & The Bold singles at several outlets in Australia, the first Mattel DC product I’ve spotted here in years, I nearly fell off my chair when AFB Forum member fishmilkshake (I don’t name ‘em, I just approve ‘em!) reported spotting Marvel Universe figures at his local Big W (kind of the Aussie equivalent of Walmart).

Now this happens to be my local Big W as well, and so despite the fact that I’d already ordered and received all of the Series 1 and 2 figures I really wanted from overseas (from the very excellent Mike’s Comics n’ Stuff) I had to make my way down there just to see them in person. There were still a few left from both series (hung right next to some Brave & Bold singles by the way). The only one I didn’t already own was the “Flame On” Human Torch, and I had to buy him just to be able to say I actually found some new superhero toys at retail in Oz!

We’ve also had a report of Wolverine Origins figures at Target in Oz. Again, I’ve already ordered the figures I want, but I’ll be checking that out as well.

It’s a sad state of affairs when such meagre finds cause so much excitement!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Star Trek News! TOS Wave 5

TOS5crewTNI has unveiled some surprises regarding DST’s latest Star Trek: The Original Series offerings. We knew from recent showings that this would include Nurse Chapel, some groovy Romulans, and McCoy in his Doctor’s gear (with bonus hairy arms), but now know that “Wave 5” will include Yeoman Janice Rand and the Salt Vampire.

This is all great news for Original Series fans (and Grace Lee Whitney fans for that matter). Also great news is that these are quoted as being around 6”, which means they should fit with the rest of the Original Series figures, which were slightly smaller than the later Star Trek figures once DST took over. Great to see that they are working to keep them consistent with the original figures, even if that means the inclusion of the (urgh) thigh cuts which were done on the original figures and eliminated later.

The eventual appearance of Rand and Chapel gives me hope that we’ll someday see a Tasha Yar and Dr Pulaski from the TNG Series and Quark and Jake from DS9. I’m so-so on aliens (unless they’re specific characters) but I would really like to see the regular cast members of each series completed – plus a Voyager Crew of course!

Thank you DST!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marvel Select Captain Marvel joins the team

Picture 004Excited by the prospect of the Captain Marvel Marvel Select figure being solicited, I preordered him, but then in the week he came in I had already stretched my entertainment budget significantly and my kind LCS let me put him aside. On inspection I wasn’t too sad about having to put him back, because he didn’t really “pop” in the box the way I had hoped.

When I finally had the dosh to pick him up, I splurged and grabbed the Marvel Select Iron Man as well, mostly because my Captain America and Thor were looking lonely. I’ll get to Shellhead in a moment, however, let’s stick to Mar-Vell for the moment.

This is a solid rendition of the character, but no one is any danger of having their socks knocked off here. I’m glad I didn’t let my first impression stop me from picking him up, because he is Picture 005growing on me, but apart from the fact that he’s solidly made and stands easily on his own, he really looks more like a slightly bigger Marvel Legends figure than one at the Select "Standard”.

One thing that creates this impression is the bit of wash that’s been used on the red parts of his uniform, which gives his amazing musculature a bit too much definition in the form of black lines. He also has the ever handy waist swivel, which is cut right below the navel but a few millimetres above the start of his blue briefs, which makes them look a little like a saggy blue nappy.

Those are the two dodgy aspects in what is an otherwise solid figure – he’s well made and articulated and his headsculpt is particularly strong. I have no idea what his stand / prop is supposed to be, but it looks suitably spaceman like, and I do like the way the Select figures come with their groovy stands.

Picture 012Unless, of course, they don’t work, and that brings us to Iron Man. I’ll get to the figure in a moment, but first to the #@!?@**!! base. Mr Stark is supposed to blasting off from something, so the base is some sort of platform and then a blast cloud that the figure locks into. Problem is, whatever I try, I can’t get the blast clouds to connect to the platform. There are pegs in the blast clouds that are meant to fit into holes in the platform and they. just. don’t. Grrrrrrrrrr. Thankfully I’ve been able to rest the clouds on the platform and still keep everything intact.

I didn’t pick this figure up the first time because the head just looked wrong, and I can see now that part of this is in the posing in-package – his head is posed facing up a bit awkwardly and when corrected this figure looks much better. I’m a fan of the classic armour and would much rather see a figure of that at this level of quality, but this is still full.

Picture 013The clanger here: Iron Man’s hips aren’t so much ball-jointed as just….. balls. Have to give them a “What the….?” as they look reaaaalllly strange.

Together on the shelf with the more recent Select figures (I missed Hulk and need to pick him up) they do look quite good, but Ima gonna buy the Select sculptors an anatomy book:. Iron Man’s hip balls probably make Bucky feel a bit better about his thunder thighs – that is one weirdly shaped figure!

As for the future of this line, I skipped Anti-Venom this week (urgh) but am looking forward to Classic Marvel Girl and the Rachel variant, and the Sabretooth solicited this month – bring it on!

You can see more photos at Facebook and discuss this at the AFB Forum.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Marvel Universe Fan Poll Winners Announced

Hasbro has announced the winners of it’s Fury Files Marvel Universe fan poll. From a large group of choices ranging from the obvious to the obscure, the winners are:


The only one of these that got my vote was Havok, but I’ll say hooray to all of them except for Mary Jane. Blah de blah there, but obviously she’s got fan support to do so well out of such a large crowd. I’m just not wild about civilian figures. Amanda Waller, yes – she’s a player, but love interests / retconned former wives? Nope.

Hasbro also said that they are actually going to be making the next two top vote-getters. Fingers crossed for Polaris and Multiple Man – I really want to build a Madrox army, and Polaris to me has been one of the most glaring omissions from the 6” line. I’ll keep you posted.

You can discuss this in the ongoing Marvel Universe thread at the AFB Forum.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

DCUC Wave 8 Carded Pics

hawkg1Action Figure Times has carded pics of some of the DCUC Wave 8 figures up.

Hawkgirl looks just as good as the prototype. Commander Steel and Mr Terrific look pretty amazing as well, and I still can’t believe they are making an Adrian Chase Vigilante. Adrian Chase.

This is a figure and wave I simply can’t wait for!

Small JLU rant

AFB Forum mod Kimmel Prime pointed out this info from Matty at Facebook that was posted yesterday:

”Hey Toy fans,
Wanted to give a quick update on JLU product.
There has indeed been a delay in getting the Target figures to store. Here is what happened. The Cheetah and Batman Beyond packs were supposed to ship in Jan but the plant producing them litterally shut down. (hey, the economy is bad all over the world right now).
This meant back in Dec we needed to start this wave over again which set us back almost 3 months. Not the best foot forward, but sometimes these things are way out of our control.
Never the less, the figures are on the way and should be in Target's soon. But this has pushed back the roll out and all the waves for 2009 are now about three months late. (but once we get new product out, there should not be any further delays).
In other JLU news, we are going forward with the next 4 pack, Legion of Superheroes which will be on sale May 15th. However, it is no secret that the Gotham Criminals pack (still on sale now on!) has not sold to expectations.
As a JLU collector myself, nothing would be cooler than to keep JLU four packs going indefinately on my webstore. But unless sales pick up with this next pack, sadly that may not be the case. We can only produce figures for if fans are buying them. Quite litterally this is your chance to vote with your purchase.
We will go forward with the LOSH pack, but anything past that is up in the air as to whether enough fan demand exisits to keep online packs going. So if you are a JLU fan or know someone who is, tell em to get over to and pick up a set today!

Okay, big sigh. According to this, the bottom line is, we have to buy sub-standard stuff we don’t want to get what we do.

Perhaps if the Gotham Criminals 4-pack was a bit more inspirational (i.e. a unique, in-scale sculpt for Bane, a decent head for Clock King etc.) people might have grabbed it up more quickly. Also, Mattel just doesn’t seem to get that product featuring second and third tier characters from lines that are also available at retail are less likely to sell out rapidly than a line of first-tier characters that is ONLY available online.

Having said this, I do expect the Legion figures to sell well, because there should be a strong group  of Legion fans desperate for actual LSH toys buying them, beyond the JLU market. Could be wrong, but I suspect they might do better than the current 4-pack.

Still, this blackmailing stuff is getting old. Give us the DCUC and JLU product we really want and we’ll buy it in spades.So far we’ve had a completely dodgy Starfire and an average-ish JLU 4-pack and because we didn’t go ga-ga we’re getting the big stick waved at us? Bah.

Oh, and while I’m at it, Matty, buy yourself a fracking dictionary and use spell-check, mate. I know it’s the internet, but some of us reading your stuff actually can spell and construct sentences and prefer not to have our eyes offended every time you post.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

What’s happening for you in the 3 3/4”(ish) World?

Ms_Marvel_Modern_01__scaled_600After having been firmly in the 6” and 1:6 Scale World for years apart from a bit of JLU dabbling, I now find I am collecting a bunch of tiny critters: JLU – Batman: The Brave & The Bold and Marvel Universe, with a bit of dabbling in DC Infinite Heroes.

I’m awaiting a few figures from the Wolverine 3 3/4” line (the comic accurate figures only) an d really looking forward to Series 3 (not one but two Ms Marvels!), and thought this was a good subject for the latest AFB Poll – which 3 3/4”  (or thereabouts) lines are you collecting ?

Click over to the right to have your say!

Long Live the Legion!

Picture 002Since the start of AFB, I’ve been chronicling the development of my custom Silver Age Legion of Superheroes by Jackknight (with a guest appearance from Rod Keith for Elastic Lad).

At the end of last year, we had finished all of the Silver Age roster (including Nemesis Kid) and had started on the Subs, when a cat-tastrophe happened – our dearest family feline hopped up on the Legion shelf, and very sadly some of the team hopped off. Needless to say, Picture 009kitty’s standing in the family dropped considerably. The only positive to come out of it was it helped me convince Mrs AFB that we needed display cabinets for better protection. That and the dust. She hates dust.

As for my poor Legionnaires, c asualties included broken heads for Light Lass, a broken tummy for Bouncing Boy and a de-caping for Princess Projectra. Not the Legion, anyone wants, especially this mad Legion fan.

Being ever the gentleman, Jack very kindly agreed to give them a fix up, while working on the latest addition to the Subs – Fire Lad. I’m pleased to report that the team has now been reunited – so we have the full roster plus the first three subs and assorted others.

Here’s a full shot of the team. I need to add some levels in to make everyone more visible, but I’m so excited to see the group reunited, and Fire Lad is an excellent addition.

Picture 011Next up, we need to finish off the Silver Age Subs, and then I’m thinking we’ll at least need the classic Fatal Five before we move on to another project.

Many thanks to the amazing Jack! One of the things I love the most about these figures is that they remind me of the Legionnaire statuettes that the Legion used to summon Superboy when they needed him. Good times.

You can see a fuller round of photos at Facebook, and also discuss this in the ongoing thread in “The Originals” – the AFB Custom Board.

Until next time!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gotham Criminals Invade AFB!

Picture 007 AFB loves! If only procuring other exclusive type toys was as easy as these (don’t mention Wal-Mart around us foreigners, we get all twitchy and stuff).

My Justice League Unlimited Gotham Criminals 4-pack arrived today, and while I am well pleased by the ease of the transaction and happy to add these characters to the JLU collection, there are some improvements I would have like to have seen with a couple of the figures.

Scarecrow is the pick of the bunch. Interesting new design elements, groovy cane, very funky face. Only complaint here is that his face is turned downwards so it’s hard to get a good look at him. Still, he’s an excellent figure.

Picture 008Harley is a character I’ve never really seen the point of, but this is an effective addition to this line. She’s also one of the first female JLU figures apart from the originals that I’ve been able to get to stand on its own, which is a feat in itself.

Bane is a great addition to the line, but it’s a great shame that he didn’t get a bigger body sculpt. Having him standing at the same height as Clock King does not work. Even something like the Darkseid body would have worked in a pinch to give this character the gravitas he deserved.

Picture 016It’s great to see a Clock King figure in any line, and a shame that he’s the stinker of the bunch. His little pinhead stuck inside that giant collar is not a good look. If I had customising skills I’d be giving him either a bigger noggin or a skinnier body for sure.

Still, this was a good first run for the JLU web exclusives, and I’m hopeful for more, especially for an extension of the Legion line within JLU!

More pics at Facebook and you can discuss it at the AFB Forum

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Brave & The Bold Fun

Picture 002 I had quite a fun Canberra Day long weekend visiting my in-laws, because the weather was nice and I also discovered that one of our local supermarket chains is stocking the Batman: Brave & the Bold singles. Remember from my last B&B review that this is the first Mattel DC product to be seen on Aussie shores in ages, so “the hunt” has had little joy for a long time. Mrs AFB was so happy for me she actually let me scour every outlet in the area while we were there in hopes of finding the one Series 1 Single I’m missing: Blue Beetle. I didn’t end up finding him, but the journey was fun.

There was a reward waiting on my return, however, because AFB Forum member forestlite had kindly found the Kanjar Ro & Blue Beetle 2-pack and Aquaman Deluxe Figure for me and sent them to Oz from lovely Hawaii.

Picture 003This version of Kanjar Ro will do for me – fun for him to get a figure but I wouldn’t have shelled out what they’re asking for a single pack here for him. He has a gun thing which snaps in to his wrist but looks like it should be able to be held in his hands – couldn’t get it to work here. 

Blue Beetle has a snap on flight pack / wing accessory that snaps into his back. His colouring is different from the more traditional colouring in his single pack, so of course my Blue Beetle lust is not sated. Still, it’s fun to have him with the team.

And as for Aquaman, my dear Aquaman…… this is a figure bought out of love. His outfit is groovy – his “weapon / armour” is completely perplexing, but I do realise this is the kind of thing that’s made for the kiddies! Needless to say I’ll be displaying him without the “groovy gear”.

Picture 005 The designs are what they are. I could do without the big holes everywhere, but I still think these are quite fun. I like the size – a bit more substantial than JLU, and they’re easy to pose (except Aquaman in his funky gear thing, that’s a nightmare).

So, good to have “the team” as it stands, and I am looking forward to some of the additions to this line like B’wana Beast and Sportsmaster. I’m planning on sticking to the singles – even thought I just saw on eBay they’ve made a Blue Beetle with his bug ship.

I do not buy vehicles….. I do not buy vehicles……

More pics at Facebook and chats in the AFB Forum Brave & Bold discussion thread.

DCUC News from AFI

DCUC9Classic_GuardianIn the absence of their Facebook page, Mattel has given AFI their latest info on DCUC Wave 9 and upcoming news.

As well as updated (and looking better than ever) pics of Black Adam, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Wildcat and the two Mantis figures, we get a few bits of  news and views:

Firstly, the Guardian in the wave will be what they’re calling the “vintage Guardian” and not the modern age Guardian shown at NYCC and Toyfair due to not having the tooling to do both. This looks to be a Silver Age Guardian that would look a lot more authentic if he at least had a gold helmet. I’m not super vigilant on the gold / yellow thing, but this is a place where using gold as the artist intended would really help.

Secondly, there will be a “second Wildcat variant” but what it will be is not confirmed. I’d say those of us hoping for a black Wildcat with untaped hands are in for a disappointment, since that’s not variant enough. Options then are a blue Wildcat with untaped hands (ack), a Yolanda Montez Wildcat or a Tommy / JSA / Wildcub Wildcat. Out of all of those I’d be keenest for a Yolanda, so we’ll probably get Tommy.

Finally, Chemo is indeed translucent-y which will make many of people happy. For me, not as happy as if we wasn’t Modern Age, but hey. It’s Chemo. He’s still pretty cool.

The info relates to Faker being on sale on 16 March, the Alexander Luthor / Ultraman 2-pack going on sale on 15 April and the Legion / JLU 4-pack going on sale on sale on May 15th. Mattel has said that production of any future Legion JLU figures depends on how these sell, so buy up big!

Thanks to Mattel and Actionfigureinsider for the news and pics!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Supergirl 1:6 : The Review

 Had to rush off for the Canberra Day long weekend (where we all celebrate our city by leaving it) right after I got my DC Direct 1:6 Supergirl, so was only able to put up some pics before we ran off and had a great time at the beach, however this figure is definitely worth coming back to for a closer look.

It will be awhile before I review another DCD 1:6 figure, because unless something really weird happens I’ll be skipping Sandman, Sgt Rock and all the Watchmen biz in this range, so it will be the Golden Age Flash before I’m making space for one of these again.

DCD’s Supergirl effort is a worthy entry as one of the bookends of this pause. I might go so far to say that she’s my favourite DCD female 1:6 figure to this point.

The great: Excellent headsculpt – hair is beautiful, face is lovely (a bit warmer than the vacant Zatanna gaze we saw recently…). The body used here is also really well done, and I think the reason is that it isn’t so busty. I understand why Power Girl needed to be so boobiliicious, but using that same boobage on Catwoman and Black Canary was a misfire for me. In fact, I bet Black Canary’s outfit would fit more snugly on this form as opposed to the way it flops on and off Dinah’s torso.

The not-so-great: Supergirl’s skirt is a bit short, and yeah, I’m complaining about a short skirt ;0). Just like with Black Canary’s top, you’re having to wrestle with it and pull at it to get it right. Could be better. The moulded hair means there is no neck movement, but I’d still much rather have that than rooted hair on these figures.

The bad: the blinking thigh cuts. Not gonna waste more pixels on those things, but if Wonder Woman comes bare-legged, I’m gonna be hating on those things so bad. Find. a. better. design. DCD.

Streaky is a cute pack in, and the cloth cape is a nice touch. His eyes are a little blank, poor thing. Supergirl comes with a chain and bendy steel plank thing which I had a play with but didn’t get in terms of how to pose her with and how to use with the extra hands she came with – I guess I can have a look on the net and see in the days to come.

A worthy entry to the 1:6 line, probably one if not the best female figures in the line, and she looks great amongst the team – yes that is a little sneak peek of my Superman shelves in there!

Again, all the pics are at Facebook and there is now a discussion thread in the AFB Talkback Forum for this item.




Friday, March 06, 2009

Supergirl 1:6 Scale Figure

I don’t have a great deal of time to put a review together for the DC Direct 1:6 Supergirl Figure but wanted to share the pics.

Here’s a sample, and all the rest of the pics are at Facebook – including some pics of the Superman section of my display.

I’m basically happy with this figure, but I’ll come back and share some detailed thoughts later.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

DCUC Wave 6: Can you say Almost Perfect?

I  had to wait awhile for this wave, due to a preorder cancellation mixup. I wasn’t too worried about it, because for whatever reason the character selection of this wave wasn’t making me die for it. I was excited about Killer Moth, but there was nothing in the wave I thought I had to jump the gun and eBay for until I managed to get the whole set.

These have been out for awhile and pretty well done on the net so I’m just gonna show my pics and say a few basic things. First off, I am totally, totally blown away by these figures. The improvements and developments in quality show Mattel’s commitment to this line.  I want to say “best wave ever of anything” simply because, well, these are just so good.

Hawkman is the star of the wave. Best Hawkman figure ever, best wing assembly, totally steady on his feet no matter how you arrange the wings. Great accessories. Great everything. I can’t express how much I love this figure. Currently in line for best 6” male figure of the year as far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait to have Hawkgirl to go with him!

Killer Moth is plastic perfection, and I only hope that me get more of the fun, hokey villains to go along with him – he’d look great next to a Crazy Quilt or a Calendar Man! Love the groovy clearish plastic used on his wings.

I loved the recent DCD Kalibak and wasn’t too worried about whether or not I got this C&C as a result, but I am so glad I managed to do so, because he’s fabulous. For a moment I thought he’d stay as a bunch of pieces as I had trouble getting one arm and one leg to connect, but we got there in the end and he’s really groovy. By the way – please reassure me that I’m not the only person that has to look down at their own hands to work out which is the right and which is the left? Okay, maybe I am…..

The other three figures are all great representations of the characters. It’s hard to go past the DCD New Gods Mister Miracle for me, but this one works well for this line and I love his manacle prop. He’s the only one that I am finding a tiny bit wobbly – not assisted by my five year old having a little mangle with him, grr! Shazam’s cheeky grin annoyed me in the pics I’ve seen but not in person – he works very well. Mullet Superman is so well done I don’t mind the mullet!

The only QC-ish things I’d have to mention: and the first is the one thing everyone’s complained about: the orange wash on the yellow bits of Shazam and Mister Miracle’s uniforms – frown. That’s the reason we need to say “almost” perfect here, but it really doesn’t put a blemish on this great effort. The other is just that Mr Miracle’s legs are a bit loose at the hips (and this was pre 5-year-old mangling), but I have had a very good run when it comes to limbs on these figures.

Oh, and is anyone else driven mad by the thin plastic bands wrapped around these figures?? It’s mostly because I’m impatient, but golly I find them a pain to remove, and wonder why they’re necessary when the figures are so securely pressed in to the plastic anyway – in fact most of these were so well squished in I had to cut them out. Plastic bands and twist ties are not the impatient toy opener’s friend.

Look, the best thing I can say about these figures is that I went from not caring about the C&C to now wanting the blinking variants. Maybe I’m setting myself for a huge fall but with the highly improved QC in this wave and the fantastic character selection that keeps coming, plus the strong promise of Legion news soon, I just don’t have any serious reservations about this line anymore. It doesn’t make me want to give up any other toy lines, but it makes me want everything DCUC has to offer. Bring it on!

Oh, and did I mention that Hawkman is awesome? That Hawkman is just awesome……

You can see a number of extra pictures at the AFB Facebook Page (which has a new look by the way ) and discuss this in the DCUC Wave 6 Discussion thread at the AFB Forum.

Matty Mattel’s Facebook Mess

If you follow Matty Mattel on Facebook, you need to go to Action Figure Insider and check out this info. Basically Mattel does not currently have a page on Facebook: the page was taken down to fight fake pages and the newest page that’s up which lots of us (including yours truly) joined is a big, fat fake.

It’s amazing how some people seem to get so much joy out of doing stupid crap on the Internet instead of just letting us enjoy it. Grrr.

Read the link – I have to go de-friend….

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Google loves AFB!

nav_logo4 Just a really quick note that I discovered today that “action figure blues” now comes up as a search suggestion on the Google search toolbar, and I think that’s cool!

Used to be people only landed here via Google by searching stuff like “Lynda Carter thighs” (seriously) so to know that some people actually come here on purpose now is nice!

Thanks for Googling!

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