Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Star Trek News! TOS Wave 5

TOS5crewTNI has unveiled some surprises regarding DST’s latest Star Trek: The Original Series offerings. We knew from recent showings that this would include Nurse Chapel, some groovy Romulans, and McCoy in his Doctor’s gear (with bonus hairy arms), but now know that “Wave 5” will include Yeoman Janice Rand and the Salt Vampire.

This is all great news for Original Series fans (and Grace Lee Whitney fans for that matter). Also great news is that these are quoted as being around 6”, which means they should fit with the rest of the Original Series figures, which were slightly smaller than the later Star Trek figures once DST took over. Great to see that they are working to keep them consistent with the original figures, even if that means the inclusion of the (urgh) thigh cuts which were done on the original figures and eliminated later.

The eventual appearance of Rand and Chapel gives me hope that we’ll someday see a Tasha Yar and Dr Pulaski from the TNG Series and Quark and Jake from DS9. I’m so-so on aliens (unless they’re specific characters) but I would really like to see the regular cast members of each series completed – plus a Voyager Crew of course!

Thank you DST!

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