Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Brave & The Bold Fun

Picture 002 I had quite a fun Canberra Day long weekend visiting my in-laws, because the weather was nice and I also discovered that one of our local supermarket chains is stocking the Batman: Brave & the Bold singles. Remember from my last B&B review that this is the first Mattel DC product to be seen on Aussie shores in ages, so “the hunt” has had little joy for a long time. Mrs AFB was so happy for me she actually let me scour every outlet in the area while we were there in hopes of finding the one Series 1 Single I’m missing: Blue Beetle. I didn’t end up finding him, but the journey was fun.

There was a reward waiting on my return, however, because AFB Forum member forestlite had kindly found the Kanjar Ro & Blue Beetle 2-pack and Aquaman Deluxe Figure for me and sent them to Oz from lovely Hawaii.

Picture 003This version of Kanjar Ro will do for me – fun for him to get a figure but I wouldn’t have shelled out what they’re asking for a single pack here for him. He has a gun thing which snaps in to his wrist but looks like it should be able to be held in his hands – couldn’t get it to work here. 

Blue Beetle has a snap on flight pack / wing accessory that snaps into his back. His colouring is different from the more traditional colouring in his single pack, so of course my Blue Beetle lust is not sated. Still, it’s fun to have him with the team.

And as for Aquaman, my dear Aquaman…… this is a figure bought out of love. His outfit is groovy – his “weapon / armour” is completely perplexing, but I do realise this is the kind of thing that’s made for the kiddies! Needless to say I’ll be displaying him without the “groovy gear”.

Picture 005 The designs are what they are. I could do without the big holes everywhere, but I still think these are quite fun. I like the size – a bit more substantial than JLU, and they’re easy to pose (except Aquaman in his funky gear thing, that’s a nightmare).

So, good to have “the team” as it stands, and I am looking forward to some of the additions to this line like B’wana Beast and Sportsmaster. I’m planning on sticking to the singles – even thought I just saw on eBay they’ve made a Blue Beetle with his bug ship.

I do not buy vehicles….. I do not buy vehicles……

More pics at Facebook and chats in the AFB Forum Brave & Bold discussion thread.



These are nice looking figures,and even though I can do without the holes they don't bother me as much as they do others.I can't wait to see what we get down the road with these guys,like Green Lantern and Doctor Fate and coulple other who've been on the show but haven't shown up in plastic form yet.

thefinn said...

"I do not buy vehicles..."

Neither do I, but after seeing the Blue Beetle Bug in person and it's obvious design references to the bug that Ted Kord used to fly about, I bought it immediately... Then, of course I had to buy one for my son, as well...

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