Monday, March 16, 2009

Gotham Criminals Invade AFB!

Picture 007 AFB loves! If only procuring other exclusive type toys was as easy as these (don’t mention Wal-Mart around us foreigners, we get all twitchy and stuff).

My Justice League Unlimited Gotham Criminals 4-pack arrived today, and while I am well pleased by the ease of the transaction and happy to add these characters to the JLU collection, there are some improvements I would have like to have seen with a couple of the figures.

Scarecrow is the pick of the bunch. Interesting new design elements, groovy cane, very funky face. Only complaint here is that his face is turned downwards so it’s hard to get a good look at him. Still, he’s an excellent figure.

Picture 008Harley is a character I’ve never really seen the point of, but this is an effective addition to this line. She’s also one of the first female JLU figures apart from the originals that I’ve been able to get to stand on its own, which is a feat in itself.

Bane is a great addition to the line, but it’s a great shame that he didn’t get a bigger body sculpt. Having him standing at the same height as Clock King does not work. Even something like the Darkseid body would have worked in a pinch to give this character the gravitas he deserved.

Picture 016It’s great to see a Clock King figure in any line, and a shame that he’s the stinker of the bunch. His little pinhead stuck inside that giant collar is not a good look. If I had customising skills I’d be giving him either a bigger noggin or a skinnier body for sure.

Still, this was a good first run for the JLU web exclusives, and I’m hopeful for more, especially for an extension of the Legion line within JLU!

More pics at Facebook and you can discuss it at the AFB Forum

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