Thursday, March 19, 2009

What’s happening for you in the 3 3/4”(ish) World?

Ms_Marvel_Modern_01__scaled_600After having been firmly in the 6” and 1:6 Scale World for years apart from a bit of JLU dabbling, I now find I am collecting a bunch of tiny critters: JLU – Batman: The Brave & The Bold and Marvel Universe, with a bit of dabbling in DC Infinite Heroes.

I’m awaiting a few figures from the Wolverine 3 3/4” line (the comic accurate figures only) an d really looking forward to Series 3 (not one but two Ms Marvels!), and thought this was a good subject for the latest AFB Poll – which 3 3/4”  (or thereabouts) lines are you collecting ?

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1 comment:

googum said...

I'm trying to skip the 3 3/4" line, truth be told. That said, it's entirely possible I'll cave for the Deadpool figure, and I'm probably gonna have to buy any Nightcrawler figures.

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