Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DCUC News from AFI

DCUC9Classic_GuardianIn the absence of their Facebook page, Mattel has given AFI their latest info on DCUC Wave 9 and upcoming news.

As well as updated (and looking better than ever) pics of Black Adam, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Wildcat and the two Mantis figures, we get a few bits of  news and views:

Firstly, the Guardian in the wave will be what they’re calling the “vintage Guardian” and not the modern age Guardian shown at NYCC and Toyfair due to not having the tooling to do both. This looks to be a Silver Age Guardian that would look a lot more authentic if he at least had a gold helmet. I’m not super vigilant on the gold / yellow thing, but this is a place where using gold as the artist intended would really help.

Secondly, there will be a “second Wildcat variant” but what it will be is not confirmed. I’d say those of us hoping for a black Wildcat with untaped hands are in for a disappointment, since that’s not variant enough. Options then are a blue Wildcat with untaped hands (ack), a Yolanda Montez Wildcat or a Tommy / JSA / Wildcub Wildcat. Out of all of those I’d be keenest for a Yolanda, so we’ll probably get Tommy.

Finally, Chemo is indeed translucent-y which will make many of people happy. For me, not as happy as if we wasn’t Modern Age, but hey. It’s Chemo. He’s still pretty cool.

The info relates to Faker being on sale on 16 March, the Alexander Luthor / Ultraman 2-pack going on sale on 15 April and the Legion / JLU 4-pack going on sale on sale on May 15th. Mattel has said that production of any future Legion JLU figures depends on how these sell, so buy up big!

Thanks to Mattel and Actionfigureinsider for the news and pics!


Jackknight said...

No classic Chemo. No sale.

Scott said...

I understand. I wonder if they thought classic Chemo was too plain design-wise?

It will be interesting to see how removable the MA "bits" are and whether or not a classic Chemo custom is possible from the parts.

Unknown said...

Yeah but then he's too short anyway. If he were Giganta size it'd be possible. It's all good though; my annoyance at this one may just inspire me to finish the one I've been working on forever.


Normally I prefer the classic versions, but this is one character that I'm happy with either way

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