Friday, March 27, 2009

More Aussie Retail Success!

Picture 005 Okay, I promise not to keep going on about this, but you have to understand how exciting it is to actually find toys in Oz! You might have heard alot about the drought it Australia – it ain’t just water we’re dealing with here! Without making any light of the dreadful situation our farmers are in, it’s been a drought in the toy aisles as well, and while I’d certainly prefer to see it broken by DCUC hitting the shelves, seeing any new Mattel or Hasbro product here at retail is just so exciting.

After yesterday’s success with finding Marvel Universe at my local Big W, I decided to check out the stores in the centre of town, and had a couple of finds. Like I mentioned yesterday I had already ordered the main figures I wanted from the Marvel Universe and Wolverine Origins line, but this was a chance to pick up some that I wouldn’t pay US exchange rates and shipping for but wouldn’t mind having. Today I scored Grey Hulk (complete with the same goofy face as Green Hulk) from Marvel Universe and Sabretooth and Logan from the Wolverine line (which was at Big W and a in a HUGE display at Target). I’ll save any comment on those two figures until I get the remaining figures I ordered. For now I just wanna celebrate!

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Westy said...

Not only do Big W have Marvel U, but I just found (as in not 4 hours ago) that Toys R Us (in Australia) also have Marvel U, so they've finally started to catch up.

Toys R Us also have the premium Wolverine Origins figures.

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