Saturday, March 21, 2009

Small JLU rant

AFB Forum mod Kimmel Prime pointed out this info from Matty at Facebook that was posted yesterday:

”Hey Toy fans,
Wanted to give a quick update on JLU product.
There has indeed been a delay in getting the Target figures to store. Here is what happened. The Cheetah and Batman Beyond packs were supposed to ship in Jan but the plant producing them litterally shut down. (hey, the economy is bad all over the world right now).
This meant back in Dec we needed to start this wave over again which set us back almost 3 months. Not the best foot forward, but sometimes these things are way out of our control.
Never the less, the figures are on the way and should be in Target's soon. But this has pushed back the roll out and all the waves for 2009 are now about three months late. (but once we get new product out, there should not be any further delays).
In other JLU news, we are going forward with the next 4 pack, Legion of Superheroes which will be on sale May 15th. However, it is no secret that the Gotham Criminals pack (still on sale now on!) has not sold to expectations.
As a JLU collector myself, nothing would be cooler than to keep JLU four packs going indefinately on my webstore. But unless sales pick up with this next pack, sadly that may not be the case. We can only produce figures for if fans are buying them. Quite litterally this is your chance to vote with your purchase.
We will go forward with the LOSH pack, but anything past that is up in the air as to whether enough fan demand exisits to keep online packs going. So if you are a JLU fan or know someone who is, tell em to get over to and pick up a set today!

Okay, big sigh. According to this, the bottom line is, we have to buy sub-standard stuff we don’t want to get what we do.

Perhaps if the Gotham Criminals 4-pack was a bit more inspirational (i.e. a unique, in-scale sculpt for Bane, a decent head for Clock King etc.) people might have grabbed it up more quickly. Also, Mattel just doesn’t seem to get that product featuring second and third tier characters from lines that are also available at retail are less likely to sell out rapidly than a line of first-tier characters that is ONLY available online.

Having said this, I do expect the Legion figures to sell well, because there should be a strong group  of Legion fans desperate for actual LSH toys buying them, beyond the JLU market. Could be wrong, but I suspect they might do better than the current 4-pack.

Still, this blackmailing stuff is getting old. Give us the DCUC and JLU product we really want and we’ll buy it in spades.So far we’ve had a completely dodgy Starfire and an average-ish JLU 4-pack and because we didn’t go ga-ga we’re getting the big stick waved at us? Bah.

Oh, and while I’m at it, Matty, buy yourself a fracking dictionary and use spell-check, mate. I know it’s the internet, but some of us reading your stuff actually can spell and construct sentences and prefer not to have our eyes offended every time you post.



Anonymous said...

why do you care about JLU? I thought you fucks HATED animation and only gave a shit about the comics. Oh, hypocrisy..are you Tea Party supporters too?

Scott said...

Um...hi "Anonymous".

I care about JLU because I collect it! I love the series and the related toys.

Not sure who "you fucks" are, but I only speak for my lil' ol self. I'm not a fan of animated characters or stylings in lines that are supposed to be comic lines like DC Universe Classics, but I have NOTHING against animation or animated characters per se. I'm a SUPER FRIENDS kid from way back in the day! :0)

Scott (AFB)

Anonymous said...

Hey another stupid Anonymous ToonTard Fwoosher, just like me! boogly boogly boo!

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