Monday, March 09, 2009

Supergirl 1:6 : The Review

 Had to rush off for the Canberra Day long weekend (where we all celebrate our city by leaving it) right after I got my DC Direct 1:6 Supergirl, so was only able to put up some pics before we ran off and had a great time at the beach, however this figure is definitely worth coming back to for a closer look.

It will be awhile before I review another DCD 1:6 figure, because unless something really weird happens I’ll be skipping Sandman, Sgt Rock and all the Watchmen biz in this range, so it will be the Golden Age Flash before I’m making space for one of these again.

DCD’s Supergirl effort is a worthy entry as one of the bookends of this pause. I might go so far to say that she’s my favourite DCD female 1:6 figure to this point.

The great: Excellent headsculpt – hair is beautiful, face is lovely (a bit warmer than the vacant Zatanna gaze we saw recently…). The body used here is also really well done, and I think the reason is that it isn’t so busty. I understand why Power Girl needed to be so boobiliicious, but using that same boobage on Catwoman and Black Canary was a misfire for me. In fact, I bet Black Canary’s outfit would fit more snugly on this form as opposed to the way it flops on and off Dinah’s torso.

The not-so-great: Supergirl’s skirt is a bit short, and yeah, I’m complaining about a short skirt ;0). Just like with Black Canary’s top, you’re having to wrestle with it and pull at it to get it right. Could be better. The moulded hair means there is no neck movement, but I’d still much rather have that than rooted hair on these figures.

The bad: the blinking thigh cuts. Not gonna waste more pixels on those things, but if Wonder Woman comes bare-legged, I’m gonna be hating on those things so bad. Find. a. better. design. DCD.

Streaky is a cute pack in, and the cloth cape is a nice touch. His eyes are a little blank, poor thing. Supergirl comes with a chain and bendy steel plank thing which I had a play with but didn’t get in terms of how to pose her with and how to use with the extra hands she came with – I guess I can have a look on the net and see in the days to come.

A worthy entry to the 1:6 line, probably one if not the best female figures in the line, and she looks great amongst the team – yes that is a little sneak peek of my Superman shelves in there!

Again, all the pics are at Facebook and there is now a discussion thread in the AFB Talkback Forum for this item.




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