Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shazam Wave One: Two Please and Two Pleas

Okay, I'm wetting myself over Shazam Wave One. Ever seen "Click"? I would gladly fast forward to November to get these right now. (Hey, if I did that I'd skip our whole house renovation as well - where's the remote??)

Two pleas. The first is to Georg and co at the lovely DC of D. For the love of God please do not screw these up! Please no 7.8345" scale, no crappy paint apps, no falling off limbs, no bizarre sculpt changes from what has been solicited. Please, please please please please.

The second plea is to the collectors. Please get behind this wave. I don't care if you're not really into the Marvel family. In fact I don't care if you hate them. If you ever want to see anything Golden, Silver or Bronze Age, anything besides MA artist specific SuperBat drivel from DCD ever again, you must buy this set. Otherwise DCD will use poor sales of this wave as justification to keep making their usual dreck. Fractal freaking super armour anyone??

I am personally going to commit to buying two full sets of these, partly because I love these characters (except Hoppy. sorry but there's no love for the Hop - where's my Tawky Tawny??) but also because I want more waves like this!!!!!


P.S. Just realised if I fast forward through the renovation that leaves the budget in the wife's hands so I'll come to as a pauper, so I'll be waiting it out like the rest of you. Come, November, come!


Joe Dy said...

AMEN BROTHER! Not only do I plan to buy these figures, I also plan to pass on everything and anything that has a BAT or SUPER logo on it from DCD. Nothing against fans of those waves but I am aiming to do my part at tipping the long uneven scales in our favor. I am really excited about this wave, and just like you, I am hoping this does well enough for us to see more waves! -joe from the Philippines-

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your closing comment was meant to be funny, but it just comes off as a sexist attack against women and your wife in particular. Please keep in mind that no matter how true this may be of your wife it just acts to continue a set of stereotypes that women have to fight against all the time. BTW, I'm a guy writing this...

Scott said...

Thanks for the giggle. If you knew how non-sexist our house is you'd understand what a laugh that last comment gave the wife and I. Cheers!

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