Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Right Sculpts, Wrong Toys, but what about that Bust??

Ok, back to my recent DCD acquisitions. First a definite travail..... while the other two comic shops in the area received their shipments of First Appearance Series 4, my LCS (who are fantastic) didn't and thus I'm waiting a week for mine - that's what I get for preordering! I'll let you know how I go with them.

I had preordered the Bizarro from the Superman / Batman Series 4 because I needed another Biz for my display. I have to say I am a sucker for those McG figures. I ended up getting Batzarro as well as he just looked so groovy. I can't imagine ever wanting Kryptonite Batman (altho I did hear he glows in the dark....), but the others may sucker me in yet. I know these aren't everyone's cup of tea but they are fun.

Something else that suckered me in were the Supergirl and Batgirl from the latest Elseworlds Series. I had preordered the Aquaman and Nightstar figures and left the rest on principle of character selection, but....... they are actually great figures! Thus the title for this post - why the $#!@#! can't DC Direct pull out decent sculpts for the characters that matter?? Here are a couple of figures using a standard body sculpt (mirror image) that work (altho Supergirl can't stand on her own which always shits me - I hate having to use bases). In the light of these what possible excuse can there be for the Total Justice-style JSA and micro-Atoms we were insulted with earlier this year? It's galling, absolutely galling.

I picked up Mini-Mates Series 3 - at least I got one Aquaman last week! I still am trying to work out how to display these little, but all their teeny-tiny little accessories frighten me. How to keep track of them all?? This was a pretty good assortment, altho we did get a Battled-Damaged Batman. Who actually likes battle damaged figures? It escapes me.

Finally, I have entered the world of statues by picking up the Zatanna mini-bust. This is a fine piece. Emphasis on mini - she really is quite small, but she's beautiful. As much as I have liked some of the other Women of the DC Universe busts, they've been to bust-y for what I would be allowed to display, so I haven;t bitten as these come in around the $90 mark here in Oz. Zee doesn't have that issue. There's a little bit of paint bleed from one side of her face to her hair, but otherwise she's great.

That's the lowdown on the last few purchases. I'll finally get my FA Series 4 this week and with 52 coming up as well there will be more to share soon. Until then, travel well!

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