Saturday, August 11, 2007

If I worked at DCD....

..... I would take one look at these photos and fill my pants. Really fill them.
I was very skeptical that the Mattel / DC Universe agreement would bring us something really significant, but now that we've been the first two waves of Mattel's new line I am allowing myself to hope.

We haven't seen anything truly stunning in the character selection department (although the Metamorpho BAF comes close), you just get a feeling that something amazing like a Catman or a Reverse Flash or come out of the bag soon!
In the meantime, Mattel has produced sculpts that put the DCD versions of some of these characters to shame. This Aquaman outstrips anything DCD has done by a longshot.

The big challenge of course will be to see if Mattel can manage the QC to produce figures that live up to what the prototypes are promising.

If they do manage to pull that off, I'm going to be sending a big shipment of diapers to DC Direct HQ.....


Anonymous said...

The figures do look good. But the real question is will fans such as myself here in the Philippines can actually get these figures on retail.


Anonymous said...

Mattel isn't exactly great with their distribution in Australia for the previous waves.

But I eBay is always a possibility.

But they are damn fine looking figures and the next two waves have varied character selections that DC Direct lack at times.

Scott said...

Linc is right - Mattel is very spotty here in Oz. In my area some waves of JLU have been skipped altogether and the DCSH waves have been slow to show up. I imagine I will end up eBaying for the first wave and then deciding whether or not to continue collecting them based on the QC. Signs are sure good tho'!

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