Friday, September 26, 2008

Some big blank-faced dude stole Thor's costume!

I haven't bought a Marvel Select figure in a while, mostly because I'm not that into Zombies, and have been keen to see the brand get back to mainstream characters. They seem to be doing it in a big way by starting with the big guns - Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and soon Captain Marvel and the new Captain America.

The relaunch of Thor hasn't really caught my imagination, but I don't mind the new costume with it's groovy chain mail bits, so I thought I would re-enter the Marvel Select world and give him a whirl.

The packaging of these figures is always attractive, with a range of character specific artwork. It's a bit on the big side for storing MIB, which is how much of my Marvel Select collection is kept since I only have DC stuff on my home shelves until I eventually get my new display system. Solely for the purposes of recording and research, I decided to open Thor up. I might take him to my shelf at work to entertain the masses.

The figure itself is more than adequate. He stands sturdily and is easy to pose both on his own and on his parapet type base, which muggins here finally discovered has a peg for easy posing after a bit of fiddling around. Well actually missing it all together and wondering why Thor wouldn't stand evenly on the base and finally discovering that it was because he was standing ON the peg. Doh.

This dude has biceps and thighs that should each have their own postcode. This is comic-accurate, but means that manipulating his arms takes some times so as not to look too strange. He comes with his hammer Mjolnir and holds this firmly both at his side and raised.

As well as his cape and hair, many aspects of his uniform, such as the top of his boots and his skirty thing, are made of a softer plastic which adds texture to this substantial figure. His helmet is not removable, which one might have expected for a figure at this price point.

While paint apps are solid overall, there are a few disappointing spots, chips on his left hand and on his neck. The apps on hair are either really washed out, or trying to indicate that Marvel's resident Norse God seriously needs to condition once in a while and get rid of all of those split ends - either way it's ratty.

The one "miss" for me is the facial expression, which is more blank surfer dude than angry Son of Thunder. It did cross my mind that maybe this is a figure of the construction worker that dressed up as Thor in "Adventures in Babysitting" - remember that movie? (Spent ages trying to find it when I came to Oz only to discover it has some weird-ass different title over here. Hate that.) Anyway, that's who he looks like. A snarl or imperious glare would have worked much better for me.

Still, it's good to see Marvel's heavy-hitters get a slot in this great series. I am really looking forward to the two Captains in the coming month, and seeing what else is to come. I just hope they make the rest of them with the real character in the uniform, and not some stand-in schmuck!

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