Sunday, September 27, 2009

Second rate heroes, first rate Customs!

The fantastic Jackknight has come through again with some great additions to my SA Legion Collection!

We’ve finished off all of the actual Legionnaires from that era and have started on the Subs. I now have Color Kid and Chlorophyll Kid to add to Polar Boy, Night Girl and Fire Lad. They look great!

I had always said I would stop the SA collection at the Subs, which means there’s still Stone Boy to do, but now that we’re coming to the end I am thinking about SA Legion villains – Fatal Five anyone? I’ll have to see what Jack has in mind, but a nice Emerald Empress would look great on my Legion shelf! If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Next up in the custom department: a new customizer kicks off my Bronze Age Legion! Great ready for more Legion awesomeness!!

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Until next time!


fishmilkshake said...

Awesome stuff Andy! And of course props to Jack for turning out such great work!!!!

Westy said...

Ha! Chlorophyll Kid is hilarious! I doubt you will stop yourself Andy, especially when they look that good.

Anonymous said...

i love chloropyll kid's logo. can't wait to see stone boy.

what about a computo to accompany Brainiac 5? Or for something a bit more out there - what about Darkseid's minions from the Great Darkness Sage (does that still count as SA?)

FB said...

Congrats to Jack for helping you bring the obscure out into the light.Nice work as always.One hell of a Legion you've got together now.

Tom Freak said...

Man, those characters are really really lame, but the toys are great. Congrats to you and Jackknight for the amazing work.

I had an idea for a substitute legionaire: "Custom Kid". He has part of the powers of other heroes. And is really easy to make too: Head, brainiac 5. Torso, Cosmic boy. Right arm, Lightning Lad. Left arm, Saturn Girl. Legs: Colosal boy.

Rod Keith said...

Jack always does classy customs. time to show off your entire shelves again, Andy!

Anonymous said...

Good evening: Let me know where and how can I buy these action figures? Thank U

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