Thursday, October 08, 2009

JLI Series Two – The Boys are Back!

We haven’t had a whisper about a third wave for DC Direct’s Justice League International Series, (No Rocket Red? Criminal!) so it looks like I’m reviewing the second and final wave in the series. The two waves are nothing to be sneezed at, having given us the first Fire, Ice (albeit perhaps not the versions most collectors would have preferred) and G’Nort figures and Black Canary in her 80’s Crisis-Era outfit, plus a cracking Batman that’s become one of my faves.

Now, in addition to Fire, we have Maguire-styled versions of Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter and, to a lesser degree, Blue Beetle. I have a niggle with three figures, and one with a pretty much fatal flaw.

Fire is a great addition to the collection. As mentioned above I’d really prefer Fire and Ice in their later costumes, but this is a start, and perhaps DCUC will come up with the MA goods. It’s a lovely sculpt, however she has a slightly googly eye and a headsculpt that has her looking a little too far down for my taste with a lack of neck mobility due to her hair. Her hair is soft sculpted like Black Canary’s in Wave One but doesn’t allow the same movement. The only niggle with an otherwise great figure.

J’onn J’onzz is a real reminder of happier times in comics. Very happy that a lighter and more obvious shade of green was chosen, true to how he was depicted in this era. This is a true Maguire-inspired sculpt, with the exaggerated brow and bemused look, and of course his trademark cookie in his left hand. My one niggle? The fact that the cookie can’t be removed. I suppose it was most likely get lost, but I’d still have the option.

Booster Gold is a fun figure, one which really embraces the comedy that was the JLI. If this was the first Booster figure ever, I’d be disappointed by the high degree of camp, but as we already have the serviceable DCD “52” version and the even better DCUC versions, this one is fine for a JLI group shot. My one niggle? His teeth are just a liiiiitle too big and his chin a bit too thick. Is that two niggles? Let’s combine them so we don’t break the pattern.

Blue Beetle is where the wave breaks down for me, quite literally. Every figure I’ve seen had issues with Beetle’s goggles. I chose one with just a warped left goggle, but even so it’s still coming away from his head at one point. Sad to think this was best looking one of the bunch! Thankfully we have the excellent original DCD figure and the very good DCUC Beetle. As for the JLI group display? Beetle will have to stand at the back.

Despite this one blot on the JLI copy book, this was a very welcome series of something a bit different from DCD’s usual SuperBat MA fare. A third wave with Captains Atom or Marvel, Dr Light II, Rocket Red and Maxwell Lord would really put it up there as one of the better recent DCD series. Sadly hoping that DCD might snap out of its attention deficit disorder is probably wasted energy.

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FB said...

Fire's a pretty darn gorgeous figure and that J'onn is just perfect for the JLI era.Booster reminds me of Buzz Lightyear for some weird reason.Sham about Beetle but he still looks very serviceable for the set to me.
Let's not give up hope on another Wave!

Tom Freak said...

That Booster is great! I just love it! Don't know exactly why, but I think the sculptor did an amazing job, not only nailing the character but also nailing the style and feel of a whole era of comics.

I think it's a really hard thing to do, a thing not even the 4H can do often. I agree, if this was the first Booster ever then it would be too specific, but since there are two already (and a variant), man, this figure might be running for male figure of the year in my opinion. Can't wait to get mine.

Kyle said...

that Fire figure looks really nice. I really like the thumbs up for booster.

fishmilkshake said...

Great looking figs Andy, loved the Giffen/Maguire stuff. Are the flames on Fire's costume sculpted or painted on?

(my spam verification word is "Creed". Is that the first time anyone has had to use a band name?)

Anonymous said...

Looks they reused the Nightstar body for Fire. Still pretty good looking figure. PRETTY oD

Tom Freak said...

@FMS. Is funny that you of all people, read Creed as the name of the band and not as Sabretooth last name.

By the way, mine was "Lakers".

Jay said...

Blue Beetle is the shiznit!

Saranga said...

I think these all look really good. The Booster and J'onn J'onzz figures have captured their personalities really well. I am particularly impressed that each figure looks different and has a different face sculpt.

Anonymous said...

i like the oreo! and yeah fingers crossed for a third wave. i need a maguire mister miracle!

ryanlb said...

Fire is the only figure here I'm interested in. We don't get female figures fast enough in DCUC to suit me.

I'm perfectly happy with the DCUC Blue and Gold, I don't know the characters well enough to need artist specific figures. It is cool that J'onn has the Oreo.

Christian Zamora said...

I can't wait to get these 8 action figures! I just can't.

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