Monday, November 16, 2009

Like I needed another line to collect….

When I saw the solicits for the original DC Direct Ame-Comi Superheroine PVC Statues, I was pretty impressed, especially with the first Batgirl. I loved the Anime take on a classic character and costume. Then I saw some of the next releases that didn’t stick very closely to the original character, like a Zatanna with blue hair, and I was out.

A few weekends ago I was in Sydney and I saw the Black Canary version of this line, and I was quite taken by it. The asking price in the Sydney shop was far to steep, so I decided to order it through my reliable LCS, and somehow came home with Hawkgirl and the Cassandra Cain Batgirl. Oops.

Black Canary is my favourite of the bunch. She is a great mix of Anime styling but still a totally recognisable version of Dinah. The PVC material allows for some interesting sculpting, such as the long strands of Black Canary’s hair that would be a major breakage risk in resin or cold cast porcelain, but are quite durable here. My favourite figure was also the most challenging to put together. The plastic stand that is meant to attach into her back was very challenging to fit in as her jacket partially blocks access  to the hole. The pressure required to insert the post caused it to snap, and my attempts to superglue it back together only succeeded in gluing my fingers to the post and each other. It’s now repaired with sticky tape, complete with tiny bits of my flesh as a keepsake. Good times.

Hawkgirl is a good looking figure. Her wings are definitely the best thing going for her. The figure is well sculpted and painted, but the pose could be better. Her arms are dynamically arranged, but her legs are awkward. The way her legs are splayed looks a little like she’s taken a blow on the back. A small quibble, but a great piece overall.

Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) is quite an exquisite figure. It’s hard to appreciate the complexity of the sculpt through my paltry photos. The texture of her cape, the twisted base, the detail in her bodice, all make this a compelling piece to look at. The bats in flight above her shoulder are a very nice touch.

One thing that makes these a little challenging to display is the large circumference of the bases. They’re quite good looking, but huge. The amount of room they take up doesn’t seem totally necessary when you consider that these are PVC figures and are pretty light.

I won’t be trying to pick up all of the pieces I’ve missed in this line (although I’ve already eBayed the first Batgirl) and I will be cherry picking future figures, but I am definitely “on board” with this line – and now trying to resist looking into Marvel’s similar effort. That Rogue does look good……

You can see more pics on Facebook, discuss this at the AFB Forum, and comment on this post to enter the November AFB Comment of the Month Contest.

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Saranga said...

agh they are horrible. :(
'Black Canary' doesn't really have a lot in common with Dinah and the batgirl one looks far too fetishy.
Hawkgirl is ok. the boots and the mace are a nice touch.
Not all this line was bad, the original WW witht he huge sword is great, but then the new version is crap - made partly so by the fact she's been made pretty much naked.

believe it or not but you can have cool kick ass and even sexy statues that aren't fetishy or mostly naked.

/rant off.

Kyle said...

I like them a little bit. I'm not even that big of a fan of anime style things. I haven't picked up any due to the price though, If i found some for $20 at a con, I'd bite.

ryanlb said...

Fetishy or not, that Batgirl is going to be the first one I buy. It's cool.

Warren Marshall said...

I think they look pretty damn good. I am not really into PVC Statues myself but I might consider picking these ones up!

fishmilkshake said...

Not my thing at all. Good luck to those that like this sort of thing. I just can't do anime, the whole big breasted 12 year old girl thing....ack!

Westy said...

Forget what FMS says, that Cassie Cain is scorching. I'm not going to go to jail for it, but I would totally hit that.

Tom Freak said...

Batgirl looks pretty good, love the effect of the twisted cape... And a little fetish is nice too.

Black Canary I'm not that sure and Hawkgirl... With the flight stand she looks like she's blasting off with the sheer power of her Thanagarian gas.

fishmilkshake said...

Don't expect me to visit you in jail Westy! :)

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