Monday, May 17, 2010

DC Direct busts out a great Batgirl!

Oh, will the "bust" puns never end??

The latest installment of the Amanda Conner wave of the Women of the DC Universe Mini-Bust Series is out, and it's the lovely Barbara Gordon in her Batgirl days.

While the Hughes and Dodson series of this line are probably going to come up trumps for me against this current wave, this is a character choice that works to Conner's strengths, and the fun that Conner has imbued in her design of Babs (I do love how they include the artists' sketch on the boxes of these pieces) is more or less carried over into the sculpt. It's ultimately let down by the smallest of things, which is the way Babs' lips have been painted. It's just enough to take away from the playful smirk she's designed to have. Bummer.

Great fun is still to be had, though, as she's doing the Batusi, which for some reason is called the "Watusi" on the box. Hello? DCD isn't ashamed of Adam West and crew, is it? I daresay it's just as likely the copy on the packaging was written by some whippersnapper who isn't old enough to have been raised on the correct doses of BIFF! BAM! and POW! Damn whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!

Apart from the lack of smirk and the whole "w" instead of "b" issue, this is a nice bust to have. Putting the lips aside, which is poor paint design, not application, the paint on this bust is excellent. The gargoyle base is well done, but a contrasting coloured base, as opposed to the grey which is quite similar to the base of Batgirl's outfit, might have been a better choice.

I like the larger size of the Dodson and Conner series as opposed to the smaller Hughes series, some of which look pretty diminutive in comparison to the newer models. It's a bit of a shame, though, that the different series aren't all complementary scale-wise. All up - this is very fun to have, but what could have become one of my absolute favourites in the whole line is taken down quite a few pegs by the loss of the subtle humour in the transfer from sketch to final product.

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Until next time!


ryanlb said...

Nice, I wants.

chopa said...

So pretty. I have nothing against the closed mouth.

chrismandesign said...

WOW this is for me a sexy boogaloo batgirl & her colour scheme makes me feel in a "discoteque", but is clean & punchy, super pop... shake it baby !!! LOL oh, my gorgueous Amanda !!!

Prowl26 said...

Never enough love for Adam West Batman. Of course it should be the Batusi!

Westy said...

I like it almost enough to buy it. But then I remembered that I don't really need more bookend type things at the moment (Some of the busts/statues are great for that), and my display cabinets are more or less full, so I passed.

It's damned nice though.

fishmilkshake said...

I quite like this, but it still doesn't trump the Hughes one for me.

saruman said...

very very cool!

Anonymous said...

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TotalToyz said...

Wow, I think Anonymous should win comment of the month. That flouride in water stuff is classic. And really on-topic for the blog, don't you think?

demoncat said...

love the color and details put into her. as for why its called the watusi. instead of bat. proably due to legal reasons having to do with the old tv show. also love the base of her though busts still not my thing

Saranga said...

i shall call it the batusi, whatever the box says,

I have a lot of love for amanda connor deisgns, but if pushed, i'd get her hippolyta bust not babs. i'm just not interested in Babs as Batgirl. now an oracle figure would be lovely.

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