Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bowen takes AFB to Hell with Daimon Hellstrom and Satana Busts!

I try not to do too many multiple product reviews, as it’s nice to give each item the spotlight, but these two mini-busts from Bowen Designs are such a complimentary set that I’ve decided to break that rule so that we can all enjoy the hellish goodness (er.. what?) that Bowen has delivered. Please welcome Daimon Hellstrom, formerly known as the Son of Satan, and his sister Satana to the Bowen Bust fold!

I’m going to start with Hellstrom as he’s the lynch pin of this pair and my reason for wanting to own the other. Way back in the ‘80s when I was given the box of old Marvel comics that cemented my superhero lovin’ ways, I got to know Daimon Hellstrom through quite a few issues of THE DEFENDERS. He was already off the scene in the modern Marvel comics of the day, but I’ve always had a soft spot for all of the classic Defenders characters from reading all of those comics at an impressionable age.

My nostalgia has certainly been given a treat with this bust. I’d love a Son of Satan full-sized statue, but this expansive bust really is the next best thing. This piece has been done by one of my favourite lesser-known sculptors, Walter O’Neal, who was responsible for a few great Bowen pieces of years past, and also the Wonder Woman Vs. Ares and Batman Vs. Killer Croc Statues from DC Direct. He has certainly brought his A game to this piece!

This bust is Bowen Busts at the top of their game. It has all the expressiveness and dynamism of a full sized action piece. Hellstrom has been given a very powerful pose, with his left arm outstretched and his left hand holding his trident, which is a separate piece. His muscle definition and chest pentagram are beautifully sculpted, and his headsculpt is pure classic Son of Satan, complete with attitude. I really do like statues that have a definitive facial expression, and this bust certainly delivers in that area.

I love the way that O’Neal has felt free to use Hellstrom’s cape without going for the flowing cape effect, as there is enough happening here without it. You can see the fullness of his cape bunched together at the back, so it’s still there, and that’s enough. All of this great sculpting and design is polished off with a perfect paint job to create a clear favourite for bust of the year. Sensational effort from O’Neal and Bowen!

The only quibble I have with this piece is that due to it’s height, its rather incompatible with the older Hellcat bust, which has a very small base and so is extremely short by comparison. Ah well - Daimon and Patsy never really were on the same level anyway. (Sorry - I couldn’t resist).

Bowen’s female busts have been a tad hit and miss in recent times. Thankfully Satana falls in to the “hit” category. She is beautifully sculpted by Mike Cusanelli, who has been working on quite a few Bowen female pieces of late. I’ve had some issues with some of his composition - he sculpts beautiful ladies but can fall short of creating a pose with energy, and while this bust has that issue to a degree, this is one of his better efforts.

Satana’s hair is a particularly nice sculpting effort. Her beautiful, flowing locks are topped off by her hair “horns”, and it’s all very well done. Satana has sported a number of outfits over the years ranging from somewhat chaste to barely there. The choice of outfit here is a happy medium and it works well.

Satana loses no marks in the paint department. I love the metallic edge to her outfit. It definitely helps bring life and depth to this piece. She doesn’t have pupils, which removes the risk of the wandering eye paint jobs that have been plaguing Bowen of late.

Both of these pieces have fantastic bases. Satana rests atop a hellish looking goat’s head, but it’s Hellstrom’s plume of flames that really takes the cake here. I love the look of the translucent styled flames that Bowen often employs, and it is used to its best effect on this piece.

These both are great additions to the Bowen bust fold. I have to say Hellstrom is right up there is the league of Bowen’s best efforts ever!

I've said it before - one of the things I love about Bowen is their obvious love of the Marve Universe and their willingness to plumb its breadths and depths to bring us such great pieces. Here's to the future releases!

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chrismandesign said...

those r really tempting pieces & they have what it takes to b in the top of any statue display

Action Ranger Timmy said...

No Hellcat?

Unknown said...

These are just so nice but i think my wife would flip out if i bought "Son of Satan" home lol.

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