Thursday, September 01, 2011

AFB Asks Matty for September 1 2011!

Another month has come and gone, and that means another round of “Ask Matty” answers at AFB! This month we cover the order of release of the WWE Fan Choice figures, the DCUC Legion Boxed Set release date, MOTUC price limits and what “no more waves” of DCUC at retail really means.

Over to Matty!


Q:  Will the WWE Legends figures who win the fan choice be released according to most votes first? And are we guaranteed to see the five winners or could low sales see some of them unreleased?

A: Great question.  The 2012 Legends are not being released in order of most votes first.  In creating the schedule, we had to look at which figures were feasible to pull off in a short amount of time (like DDP) vs. which figures will take a while to design (like Miss Elizabeth).  We also wanted to make sure Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were released one after the other since they are best known as a tag team.  And like any figure line, we can only continue Legends if the fans support it.
Q:      Can you please explain what "no more waves" for DCUC (or whatever it becomes) means exactly? How will future figures appear at retail?

A: Instead of appearing in waves, figures will simply be in mixes.  This means that you’ll see a few figures on shelf at a time, but not an entire wave of figures, united by a theme or a collect-and-connect figure.
Q: The MOTUC Star Sisters set will cost $60 and is part of the subscription for 2012. For those who would like to try and budget for the expense of the subs is there a price ceiling for items that are included in the subscriptions?

A: Granamyr will be $80.00 which is why we did not include him in the sub.
Q: We are looking forward to the Legion of Superheroes DCUC Boxed Set! Are there are other larger selections of characters like this in the pipeline?

A: We loved creating the Legion of Superheroes pack!  If large packs with a collection of characters make sense in the future, it’s definitely something that we’d explore again.  In the interim, be sure to visit on October 17 to pick up your Legion of Superheroes pack!

Q: Could you explain the reason that you prefer subscriptions over a pre-order system for individual products?

A: It helps us control inventory and reduce logistical errors.

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fishmilkshake said...

Booyah! Some great questions and great answers! Well done AFBers!

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