Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pre Order Hot Toys Hawkeye!

Hot Toys has pulled off another stunning likeness and array of accessories that are going to make the Avengers Hawkeye figure a must-have!

Sideshow Collectibles now has Hawkeye up for pre-order - click here to secure yours now!

Hawkeye comes with a boatload of accessories, hands and of course his bow - which, from the promo shots, it seems he'll be able to pose with very well! I think I'm as excited for the Hot Toys as I am for the movie!

Don't miss out - pre-order your Hot Toys Hawkeye now to avoid Avenger-Assembling disappointment later!


Unknown said...

Holy Bow and Arrow! he is very nice!

Action Ranger Timmy said...

Maybe I'll just start resenting the Avengers movie and then I'll have a good reason not to get this.

Susan said...

I like his arrow, so nice

Ciao said...

Awesome figure!

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