Monday, February 11, 2013

You could be on the air in Episode 52 of the AFB Podcast!

We're closing in on a year of podcasts here at Action Figure Blues, and we thought we'd celebrate our birthday on Episode 52 by inviting YOU to be a part of the show!

For Episode 52, we're going to turn our "Rapid Fire Reviews" over to our listeners, which means that you have the chance to be heard on air! All you have to do is:

1. Pick a toy, statue or action figure to review and loosely follow the template below
2. Record your review as an .MP3 or .MP4
3. Keep that sucker to 5 minutes
4. Send your file to

Rapid Fire Review template

Toy details
Toy name
Year of release and your year of acquisition (if they differ)
Type - Statue/Action Figure/Vinyl/etc

Type? (Window box, blister, etc)
Styling? (pics/photos/character bio, etc)
Collector friendly?

Number of points

Colour choices
Quality of apps

Dolly rating
Rate the figure out of 10

If you want help or advice on your review, sign up at the AFB Forum and post your questions or ideas in this thread and we'll give you a hand!

We're looking forward to airing the best of the listener reviews on Episode 52!

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