Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scum and Villainy! The New AFB Forum Custom Comp!

The AFB Forum has a great group of custom action figure creators, and a growing tradition of fantastic Custom Comps. Our latest Custom Comp has just been announced!

Scum and Villainy! is a chance for you to get in touch with your dark side and put in your best effort to make your best version of  a bad guy or girl!

Here's all the info from our resident Custom Comp Coordinator, Justin, and you can check out the Comp Thread at the AFB Forum:


Welcome One and All to the AFB Forum's 6th Custom Competition!

As the title suggests, we want to see action figure customs of any character from any medium at all, as long as it's a villain!!!

There will be no limits and no scale suggested, as long as the character is pure evil.

Any amount of Frankensteining or sculpting is encouraged!

Due Date

Three photos are to be supplied: front, side and rear. A W.I.P. (work in progress) photograph would be cool as well.

Completed Photos with any write-ups or reference pics are to be sent to or PM'd to Scotty through the AFB Forum or  No larger than 800x600 please. The due date is May 10th, 2014. All pictures will be posted the following few days in a locked thread for you all to admire. A separate thread will be started for comments.

We encourage all members to have a go! This is a challenge for fun and there will be a vote by all members on the best figure.

The voting will be broken down to a 3,2,1 system with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place announced.

We look forward to the entries!

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