Saturday, March 09, 2019

The AFB Podcast Episode 346: New York Toy Fair 2019 Picks and Pans

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This week, Scotty, Ben, Eddie and Adam join up to work through the highlights and lowlights of the reveals from New York Toy Fair 2019. See below for links to all of the items we talk about in this episode. 

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Blue text indicates previously revealed
Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 2:
  • Scorpion
  • Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman
  • Hydro-Man
  • Doppelganger Spider-Man w/ Six Arms
  • Far From Home Stealth Suit Spider-Man Figure
  • Far From Home Upgraded Suit Spider-Man Movie Figure

Marvel Legends Vintage X-Men Series:
  • X-Factor Cyclops
  • Black Costume Wolverine with Muramasa Sword
  • Silver Samurai
  • 80s Dazzler with short hair
  • 2 more figures
Marvel Legends X-Force Series:
  • Nightcrawler
  • Guardian
  • Cannonball (with blasting effect lower body and no legs)
  • Boom Boom
  • Mr. Sinister
  • [Wendigo is presumably the Build-A-Figure but was not shown]
Legendary Riders:
Ultimate Captain America WWII Figure with Motorcycle
Avengers Infinity War Legends Wave 1:
  • Citizen V
  • Living Laser
  • Hercules
  • Ebony Maw
  • Nighthawk
  • [Avengers End Game movie figures and Build-A-Figure TBA]
Avengers Infinity War Marvel Legends Wave 2:
  • Shuri
  • Rock Python (Serpent Society)
  • Beta Ray Bill
  • Union Jack
  • Loki (Classic)
  • [Avengers End Game movie figures and Build-A-Figure TBA]
  • Walmart Exclusive Infinity War Loki and Corvus Glaive Two-Pack
  • Target Exclusive Kraven’s Last Hunt Two-Pack
  • Target Exclusive Homecoming Spider-Man (in blazer) and Mary Jane Two-Pack
  • Amazon Exclusive X-Men Family Matters Three-Pack: Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Magneto
  • Walgreens Exclusive Emma Frost (Marvel NOW Black Costume)
  • Walgreens Exclusive Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom80 Years of Marvel Anniversary Marvel Legends:
  • First Appearance Wolverine & Hulk Two-Pack
  • Unmasked Hela & Skurge the Executioner Two-Pack
  • Grandmaster & Korg Two-Pack
  • Classic Thor
  • Classic Iron Man
  • Classic Captain America
  • Ghost & Luis Two-Pack (from “Ant-Man and the Wasp”)
  • Colossus (Jim Lee) & Juggernaut Two-Pack
  • First Avenger Peggy Carter & Captain America (in jacket) Two-Pack
  • Infinity War Iron Man Mark 50 (with floating cannons) & Iron Spider (with mechanical legs!) Two-Pack
Other Hasbro
The Star Wars black/6 , Retro Vintage  

McFarlane Video Games, Anime,

DC Collectibles - Batman B&W mini-statues
DCC Action Figures, DC Prime, DC Essentials, Batman Animated, Bizarre Mexican Wrestling figures

Bombshells Death & Mary M

Bishoujo Mary Marvel!!! New Catwoman, Bishoujo Domino and Phoenix

Funko Primal Age,

Mezco One:12 and here, Harley Quinn comic, WW comic, Keaton Batman, Magneto, Hellboy, Preview Comic Aquaman, Moon Knight, Gambit, New Mezco 5 Points line with Scoobies

Super 7 (motu movie, Conan , Voltron , Toxie )

Mattel (wet fart, DC , Jurassic World, Toy Story 4  )

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