Thursday, May 24, 2007

Custom Heaven

I'm not just an rabid Legion of Superheroes fan, I'm a major Phantom Girl Phanatic, so it's always been a point of desperation that DCD pulled the plug on their SA Legion cookie cutter series short of PG and the other early Legion Ladies.

I fret no more, because my amazing customising friend known on many a board as Jackknight92 has produced me this extra fine custom which fits in unbelievably with her SA friends.

I'm still at that stage where I get a little tingle up my spine every time I walk past the shelf and see her there (which is an improvement since when I first put here there I was so excited I'm pretty sure I peed a little bit).
It's an excellent job, but also shows how easy it would have been for DCD to have finished off this line. Grrrr.
At least DCD's current output is making it easy for me to have enough money to commission more customs.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty cool seeing the Legion out of their packets and next to each other.

Plus the Silver Age Supergirl looks awesome.

Good work on the Phantom Girl fig by Jack....

Unknown said...

Love the collection. I remember when it was all new and I am A big Mon-el fan and as much as this is all cool and trivial I just never just about peeeeeee'd over a comic book or figurine, but more power to you if that works. Anyone who is a legion fan is alright in my book...... and too bad Fero Lad is not the green ghostly version... perhaps mod friends could adapt this too. A big duh question here where did you get these I'd love to have?????? Please post

Anonymous said...

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