Monday, May 21, 2007

One Hell of a Hal!

I've tried to be a disciplined collector. When I caught the AF bug I realised quickly that this was a hobby that could be a quick road to the poor house, so I decided to clearly define my collecting limits, and I decided that the DCD 6" line was going to be it.

Yeah, that was before the 6" line went to the fractal armor shithouse. (And while we're on armor I'm not going to waste a whole post bitching about the fact that they are ACTUALLY going through with that bloody MA Nightburp and Flamefart armour line....) So I decided to add the 13" line, and the odd Minimate, but I was definitely going to stay away from the statues. That was my line in the sand.

I blurred the line with the Zatanna mini-bust, but that was just because I love the character so much I'd buy a Coco Pop with an extreme Zee likeness. It was pretty nice tho.

And so it was that I was suitably softened up that when I saw the Green Lantern JLA Cover to Cover Statue, I cracked. And I have to say, it's bloody awesome.

As you can see from the comparison pic it's about 10" and after a bit of fiddling it sits beautifully on it's base. Oddly I have to position the base backwards to get him to stand properly, otherwise he slopes oddly. However this statue is so beautiful I really don't care.

I'm not going to be drawn in to this statue thing tho. I mean, I definitely didn't order the Flash and Wonder Woman JLA Cover to Cover Statue, and I most certainly didn't order the Donna Troy or Black Canary Women of the DC Universe Mini-Busts.

And yes I'm totally lying.

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