Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DCD Throws Up Again......

Haven't had a good 'ol rant for awhile, but can't look past the DCD solicits for March '08, which includes DCD Regurgitated Wave 4, featuring... the Super Squad????

Looks like DCD can add "Recycled" to the slang for this series. It's not bad enough that so far in four waves we've seen the Big Three plus a hanger-on each time, we are now seeing the SAME SCULPTS recycled for the SAME CHARACTERS in the SAME SERIES!

Points for effort with the cowled Hawkman, and while I'll buy him for the JSA shelf, no points for execution here. Another case of waiting so long to get something only to find you wish it had never been made. And what is he a "Reactivation" of anyway? I'm not even going to ask what "Super Squad" is supposed to mean........

Mark this day as a new low point for the DC of D folks. They're obviously so over any shame of selling you different versions of the same three characters over and over, they'll now just sell you exactly the same dreck time after time.

Are people really stupid enough to keep buying this stuff?


Anonymous said...

You really are a class A fuckwit some times. "I've already got one (or more) of these, therefore it should never be made again" or bitching about yet another Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman when so one is forcing you to buy these in the first place.

The entire point of this line is to keep versions of the big three on a continual rotation because that's what the stores and retailers demand of DCD, because those are the characters that they know they can always sell, like it or not. And DCD created this line to fill that retailer demand, and in the hopes that it would ease off the pressure a bit to include these three in quite so many other releases throughout the year.

The only truly stupid person here is the one that bitches and whines about something that no one is forcing them to buy in the first place. You don't like it, great, then don't buy it, but don't act all high and mighty and declare that this stuff shouldn't be made and serves no purpose to anyone other than the 'stupid' just because it's not something that you personally want or happen to approve of. After all, not everything is made with you in mind believe it or not...

Oh, and only cowards set up blogs where all comments must be approved before being published.

Scott said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. AFB isn't an industry commentary, it's the just the record of one person's collecting journey, so it is a subjective piece in a sense. I'm not aiming for journalistic objectivity here, just posting one little person's reactions to what's going on in the DCD world. Having said that I do try to balance out my occasional rants with general reviews and comments.

As for the comments moderation thing, I am happy for any genuine comment or reaction to my posts, but not happy for a blog I plan to keep for a long time to be full of obsecenities or spam, thus the necessity of approval.

Oh, and only cowards post anonymous critical comments to blogs.... ;0)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy AFB because it's one person's take on collectibles, uncolored by sponsorships, site advertising, or cronyism. If "Anonymous" is concerned about other peoples' opinions, maybe surfing BLOGs isn't a good idea. As for his central gripe, "nobody is forcing you to buy it," that's immaterial. If you have a history of comics and toy fandom, you have opinions, and I agree with those expressed in AFB. Not those of some snotty jerk who thinks he has all the answers, but is too gutless to put a name on his poison pen missives.

Keep up the good work, AFB!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
That Anonymous is a real freak!
Liked your reply and position. I read your blog to see what a fellow collector thinks about DCD and I like to see other Points Of View for different items. Such as the Catwoman 13" - I really am considering getting her after reading your comments and someone else's on the DCD Boards. So keep on BLOGGING. And its great what jcollins said too!

One last comment for Anonymous - at my LCS many Supes/Bats and WW are peg warmers these days - so its not just about "demand" its also about DCD thinking they can keep on milking this for all its worth, but what happens when we stop buying more Supes/Bats and WW? The retailers won't be ordering more and DCD will feel the pinch.

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