Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Something nice from across the pond....

Oh, boo. I'm a mad Legion of Superheroes fan, so it's been a bit frustrating being here in Oz when the new cartoon is airing elsewhere (snippets on YouTube don't cut it and I would never like, download it or anything.....).

As if that's not bad enough, now McDonald's US is doing Happy Meal Toys with LSH Action Figures, including first-time ever representations of at least one Legionnaire (Bouncing Boy, not sure if Timber Wolf has ever been done before) and some villains.

Seeing as the show isn't airing here I doubt we'll get this promotion. Any AFB readers from across the ocean that are moved to pick these up for me, send me an email. I am sure I can find something to swap. You like koalas? They're very cute.

At least they're not making Phantom Girl. Then I would have to buy a ticket......
EDIT: Michael from the very awesome Legion blog The Legion Omnicom has pointed out the McDonald's has an interactive site up an running for these toys. Check out the Omnicom at and check out the McD's site at Thanks Michael!


Michael said...

You can always buy a set off eBay.

These will be the first-ever figures for Bouncing Boy, Mano, Validus, and Tharok. Timber Wolf already had a DC Direct figure in his Silver Age costume.

Don't know if you read my Legion blog (the Legion Omnicom), but Mickey D's has their Legion Happy Meal web site up and running. You can see some of the images on my site here. The Happy Meal site is at

Sorry you can't buy these - I'd trade you a set for a cute Sydneysider! :)

Scott said...

Hi Michael - I am a huge fan of the Legion Omnicom! Nice to "see" you here.

Yes I saw that site - that's what prompted my post and I intended to include the link. Will do so now and also give the Omnicom a plug - you do an awesome job!


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