Monday, January 28, 2008

Great New JSA Additions!

In the same way that JackKnight has been helping me with the SA Legion, the amazing Lars has been helping me build up the MA Justice Society - we've already added Stargirl, Wildcat and Damage, and he has just completed two comissions for me: Liberty Belle and Cyclone.

I love these, and have to say I think Liberty Belle is one of the finest customs I have ever seen. I hope you agree.

I am going to have him do some GA JSAers for me next, and would love to one day be able to afford to have him right some of DCD's wrongs by doing me a proper MA Hourman and Mr Terrific as well.

In additon to these two comissions I also won a Lars auction on eBay: a MA Jericho. I really like his new costume and thought it was a real shame they brought him back onto the team only to shuffle him off so quickly. Maybe we'll see him again!

Yours in collecting!


Anonymous said...

Liberty Belle looks fantastic! Nice job!

Iain said...

those look great, and that liberty belle is fantastic.

just picked up the wave 2 justice society figures and i'm hoping for a third wave with liberty belle at LEAST. . .

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