Saturday, February 02, 2008

Justice Wave 7: The Past Revisited

I thought you might like to see John Stewart and Gorilla Grodd from JUSTICE Series 7 in situ with their counterparts from the series and matched up against earlier figures of the characters.

The John Stewart figure is the Hal Jordan figure with a different head. The whites of his eyes are a bit large, giving him a slightly mad or stunned appearance. This is exaggerated by very black tone of his skin which is much darker than he is displayed in the comics or than the figure was solicited with. Nothing exciting here, and clearly not much put into this one.

When I saw the solicits for the Grodd figure, I thought it looked like the same stance as the original DCD Grodd and assumed we were getting a bigger version as per the slightly larger scale of these figures. Well, it isn't just the same idea; it is from the same mold by all appearances, just with a different, angry head. If I didn't like having multiple versions of characters in different displays (e.g. original DCD Grodd in my Flash display, new Grodd in the JUSTICE display), then I'd be more than a mite cranky about this. On the flipside, for anyone who missed out on the original Grodd or doesn't want to pay the hefty prices he usually goes for on eBay, this is a good chance to pick one up even if you're not in to the Justice figures.

On a side note, I did wonder to myself what Alex Ross thought of the reuse of an old sculpt for this figure, seeing that JUSTICE is all about HIS version of the JLA and their foes.....

Finally, here are the new figures lined up against DCD's original efforts for these two characters. As you can see no major new ground has been broken, and this just highlights the re-use of the original Grodd mold. Have to say it: it seems like DCD was phoning it in on this one. Good to see they seem to have picked up their game for the eighth and apparently final wave of this series.

In the context of the JUSTICE line, I would say that these are very competent additions, and certainly wouldn't complain about the QC, paint apps etc. It does seem a shame, however, that the opportunity to do something new or fresh with the characters wasn't taken.

Naturally, as an Aquaman tragic I also bought the Aquaman Armoured figure, but I'll post pics and review of that alongside the Aquaman from the ARMORY Wave shortly.

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