Sunday, June 01, 2008

ST Wrath of Khan, Series "Two"

Everywhere you look, there's a closet Trekkie. I uncovered another one at my workplace the other day. Some you can guess a mile away, but I always get a kick out of the ones you wouldn't pick. I also get a kick out of the people that don't "get" Trek and its fans - little do they know that we think they're the suspect ones!

I just can't get enough of DST / Art Asylum's Star Trek series. Apart from a slight scale slip-up in the Next Generation Series (teeny Data and Geordi) these figures have been pretty consistent and very rewarding to collect. Basing a series on the Wrath of Khan film, which IMHO is the best Original Series film by far, is a great idea.

"Series Two" is actually the third series of TWOK figures (the second was a SDCC exclusive wave). It consists of Spock, Uhura, Saavik (the Kirstie Alley one) and Kirk in his Starfleet winter jacket or whatever the technical term for it is.

This wave picks up where the previous two have left off: excellent QC and great likenesses of everyone except Kirk. I have read that for whatever reason Shatner's face is hard to reproduce in plastic and once again that is proven true here, but the rest of team and the overall look is so authentic that I was able to look past it and call this wave a near home-run.
I would say it certainly isn't for lack of trying: the likeness of Leonard Nimoy is spot-on, and Uhura and Saavik aren't too bad (altho Mrs AFB reckons Saavik doesn't look anything like Rebecca from Cheers. Hello.) I do find the DST Star Trek females can have a bit of a vacant expression and that is somewhat the case here.

The paint apps are excellent and the detailing on the uniforms is intricately done. My winter jacket Kirk has a tiny paint rub on the front of his hair which may be from wear in the packet - I didn't notice it until he was out.

One thing that I find bemusing with the DST Star Trek figures is that almost all of the men seem to stand just ever so slightly crooked, as if one leg is incrementally longer than the other. Maybe it's all that exposure to space rays and stuff that happens when you're a futuristic astronaut....

As usual, extra hands and weapons abound. Not being a huge accessories person I could live without these but I know that for some they are a drawcard of the line.

Scalewise, these figures fit in perfectly with the previous waves, as per the sample photo. No full group shot sorry - I don't have room to display this set at present so they're not all out of the packet. One quibble: the IMDB lists Nichelle Nicholls as 5' 5" and Kirstie Alley as 5' 8", and yet the Uhura figure is a but taller than Saavik. Seems someone should have picked that up.

Hearty congratulations to DST / Art Asylum for excellent work with this wave - very rewarding. I did see the "Death of Spock" 2-pack in my LCS but budget restrictions prevent its purchase as present, however it also looked very good.

I am looking forward to the next wave of Next Generation figures (Ensign Ro!) but the jury is out on the Original Motion Picture Kirk / Spock two-pack - that will be a wait and see. Those figures will have to be pretty darn amazing to erase my memories of the dreadful film.......

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