Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Prime Example of a Great Mighty Mugg

...or are they called Mighty Muggs even when there is only one?

Anyway, have you seen this? Transformers Mighty Muggs! Or.. Mugg. The teacher in me wont allow myself to make a plural sound for a single thing. Well, it's Optimus Prime anyway folks!

I don't think this is brand new news, but I just caught up on it, and even though I'm not a huge Transformers fan (loved the recent flick but was never into it when it was first around - think I might have been a bit too old..) I think it's groovy. TNI has the info. He comes with his fusion cannon weapon, which I assume is a must since TNI is excited about it.

If only life could be a bit easier by making Mighty Muggs available to Oz via Diamond. Some are around in retail, and thankfully Aussie online store Casefresh (great Aussie source of all things Hasbro) seems to be stocking the lot, but I really hate hunting for things. Having said that, this little Mugg / Muggs might be worth the effort!

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