Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello Creepy People.......

I'm very grateful for every reader AFB has, but recent research has discovered that some of you have landed here through rather bizarre means.

I use Google Analytics to keep track of the number of site visitors, what they're looking at and by what means people get to the site just for my own interest and to see what is most popular. The majority of readers arrive either direct through feeds or the URL, or through links from the sites I frequent and post my reviews at, however about 25% arrive through a search engine, some intentionally and some I would expect not so much.

Looking at the breakdown of search terms for the current month, the #1 term is not so surprisingly "Action Figure Blues" followed by various derivations thereof. The next 25 or so are various toys or toy lines that people are searching for reviews on (Batman, Iron Man, DCUC and Mighty Muggs rank very highly).

It's what comes behind those logical ones that are really interesting, and I just had to share two of the more bizarre ones from this month. I took a screenshot to prove I wasn't joshing you:

Yes folks, I'm pointing to #34, "Lynda Carter" thighs and #37, "sat on her face". Yikes!
Naturally I had to work out where on earth these two terms exist on my blog, especially that last one, since I do try not to be too family un-friendly.

A search for Lynda's thighs come up blank, both on the blog and on the web trying to find an AFB reference. No idea where that one came from or how it got here. For the record, I think Lynda Carter's thighs are nice. Well, when last I saw them.

As for "sat on her face", which I couldn't believe was actually there, it happened back in 2006 when I gave the Michael Turner Supergirl the Action Figure Tragedy of the Year Award. And fair enough too, so I 'm going to have to cop to that one. Methinks the searcher didn't find what he/she was looking for in that instance. I guess you never know......

Anyway those two gave me enough of a giggle that I just felt I had to share. Some people and what they search for on the internet, right? But hey, whatever gets you here!

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