Saturday, November 01, 2008

Marvel Legends on Aussie Shores!

It's been ages upon ages since I've seen any Marvel Legends at retail here, so imagine my surprise to come across it in two stores in the same day! Needless to say a little (and slightly embarrassing. but hey that four-year-old kid probably won't remember it as an adult and need therapy or anything...) happy dance took place.

I managed to come across all of the Hulk Wave, and also all of the current ML 2 packs. From this I snagged King Hulk and Absorbing Man and the Ronin / Elektra 2 - pack. I had planned to buy She Hulk as well, but sadly she looks more like a Medusa In Rags figure - surely those are snakes on her head, not hair, right? I couldn't believe I passed on a figure on one of my favourite heroines, but I had to, and I'll be the first to say I usually don't let anything like principles stand in the way of my buying choices..... ahem....

I'm also mad keen on the Doc Samson figure, but I have it on the way from a friend, so I left it there, a bit sadly. (It is coming, right mate?)

Hasbro has been a pretty good job of killing the Marvel Legends line, but these are not that bad. King Hulk cuts an impressive figure and his headsculpt really nails the character. He took a bit of time to pose and doesn't stand 100% steadily.

Absorbing Man is a long awaited figure for me in the ML line. He's nearly there - I would have liked the facial expression to be less blank and a bit more snarly like the drawing on the package. His ball and chain are well executed.

I'm not a mad Elektra fan, nor a mad Ronin fan, but I am a mad Clint Barton fan, thus my desire for this 2-pack. The Elektra has alot of the elements of what I don't like about ML females; the gangly legs and awkward poses. I don't have the original ML Elektra to compare this to but I doubt it would come up to scratch.
Ronin is an excellent piece, very good paint apps, etc. The only issue is the Clint Barton head, which looks a bit too big for the rest of the figure.

These are old news in the toy world, but noteworthy for me because we actually have some recent Marvel Legends back on our shores - here's hoping for more soon!

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Joe Dy said...

The awful sculpts, erratic distribution, excessive US exclusives and raised prices has made me dump these. Hasbro is really dropping the ball on this license. It went from one of the most popular lines out there to MEH land.

Too bad. I would have wanted Ronin but he never even showed up here in the Philippines.

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