Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some GA Goodness for the DCD 1:6 Scale!

After veering in confusing directions with a scad of movie tie-ins, a Gaiman Sandman and a welcome by many but out of place in terms of character selection Sgt. Rock, the DC Direct 1:6 Scale line shows signs of getting back on track in spectacular fashion with the unveiling of the Golden Age Flash Deluxe Collector's Figure.

Hooray for the JSA! Hooray for the Golden Age! It's a great decision on DCD's behalf to feature the character in his prime. Throw in a wrinkly-faced, grey-temples extra head if you must, but make mine the first and best thanks! Hopefully this is a pattern that will be followed with the other original JSAers. I'd say Alan Scott Green Lantern is a sure thing, along with Dr Fate, Wildcat and Spectre. I'd be very pleased to see Hourman, Dr Mid-nite and co as well.

It seems that this line is focusing less on team completion and more on characters that DCD thinks will sell, so I'm just buying what I like. I'm glad to see that the long dry spell that was looming for me with this line after Supergirl is finally going to be broken, and it really couldn't be broken by a better character.

Let's hope this is a sign of good things to come for a line that has a great deal of potential. Next to the Legion, the JSA is the team I have most wanted to see represented in this line, and I do hope we at least get a couple of the other stalwarts like Alan and Ted to make a bit of a display.

Big Bad Toy Store
has the figure on sale already - thanks to BBTS for the photo.

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Saranga said...

Bah, I thought GA referred to Green arrow, not Golden Age.

Still, that's a pretty good figure.

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