Saturday, November 01, 2008

DCUC Poll Closed.... Wave 7 Wins!

The "Which DCUC Wave are you most looking forward to..?" Poll is closed, and the clear winner, by a huge margin, is Wave 7!

Excellent choice, folks, since that was mine as well. Any wave with Camo Aquaman is going to get my vote.

Bring it on!

Thanks to AFI for the photograph.


Anonymous said...

That picture freaks me out. Atom Smasher doesn't look that big at all.

Joe Dy said...

I think those are TWO-UPS (12 inch versions of the figures done as prototypes for reducing down the production line) so hopefully, they don't reduce the Atom Smasher proto as much. He is listed at 10 inches in the solicit pages.

This s BY FAR my favorite wave. Followed by what AFB has aptly called THE wave.

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