Friday, November 07, 2008

Not Such a Secret Anymore...

The recent Secret Files Wave is hardly breaking news anymore, but I have been wanting to blog on it as it contains two of DCD's better figures in recent times, so I'll just stick the piccies up and only blather on a lil' bit.

I am really liking this new packaging with the sealed plastic edges and inserts which open up to advertise upcoming waves. It's a very durable format for the MIB collectors and not prone to bent edges and other calamities like the old carded backs.

Poison Ivy is a fabulous figure. For starters, she stands up easily on her own unlike her Hush or Justice counterparts despite her long flowing locks, which can sometimes cause figures to topple easily. The colours are strong, paint apps are good. I'm not wild about the crap in her hair, but I'll live with it. I especially like her strong facial expression - this is one fierce baddy!

Two-Face is almost excellent. I'm not as put off by the colour choices for his suit as some, but his finger-in-the-light-socket hair is a bit of a clanger. This is all irrelevant, however, as this figure has what might just be the coolest accessory ever: Two Face's flipping coin with amazing simulated flipping action! Unfortunately I would also put this in the Top 10 Easiest to Lose Accessories of all time list - mine has already gone missing twice after various shelf dives - it's a bugger to find in carpet, I'll tell you that.

These are of course on the taller side, but they don't look out of place on my Batman Villains shelf. Not worth losing too much sleep over the scale thing these days.

I passed on the Joker in this wave because I have the version from The Killing Joke box set. I initially passed on the Hugo Strange as well, but the completist in me went back for it. If I get sick of Hugo it can always be a better Batman, and God knows I don't have enough of those!

Certainly not a stellar wave, since two of the figures were repeats from the KJ box set, but we did get two excellent to semi-excellent figures out of it, and DCD these days that's worth noting.

Until next time!

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