Saturday, November 29, 2008

DCUC Wave Four Progress

After finding out that the cases of DC Universe Classics Wave 4 weren't complete waves, I decided to cancel my preordered case and just wait it out, picking up bargains or favours from US based friends when I could. Helps that there really is no figure in this wave that I'm desperately anxious about getting, and that I'm not hung up on getting the Collect & Connect Despero in a huge hurry after getting DC Direct's superior effort.

Progress to date: Wonder Woman, Variant Captain Atom (something for the Kingdom Come collection), and Batman Beyond, which has been purchased solely for C&C purposes, but actually looks like a fine figure.

I'm watching a cheap Ares on eBay and haven't come across a good Cyborg yet. When I say cheap, the issue for me is the price of shipping to Australia. This is a big sticking point especially with the Aussie dollar being pretty weak against the USD at the moment. Some of the prices people quote for shipping to Oz from the US are just outrageous - upwards of $50.00 AUD when in reality it costs around $18.00 AUD. Yikes!

All said, this bunny is happy to wait patiently to make the set complete. While I'm not really bothered about Artemis I do want to pick up a regular Captain Atom eventually. I'm not even thinking about chasing Wave 5 at the moment. I'm only really after Atom and Black Lightning, now that I've seen the pics of the actual products.

That is not to say, of course, that I wouldn't be open to any loyal AFB reader helping me out with any of the other figures from the Wal-Mart wave, because you know that I do have OCD and will want them all eventually. Call me!

Until next time!

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See my PM to you at the 'Mess!

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