Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Great GL Switcheroo

Like alot of small comic shops, my LCS doesn't get in bigger ticket items like boxed sets unless someone orders it, which makes me cautious about my choices. My LCS is actually very good about putting stuff back on the shelf if you don't want the item when you see it, but I don't like sticking them with things.

I certainly didn't forsee wanting to return the DC Direct's Green Lantern Boxed Set, since the solicited figures looked fantastic. Hal Jordan, Tomar Re and Abin Sur with excellent headsculpts in Classic GL uniforms? For that I could live with a "battle damaged" Manhunter. Heck, I could live with an army of them!

But..... what's this? Those aren't classic uniforms! That's not even really the modern age uniform! Wait, that's not the solicited body, that's the slightly dodgy, weird angled, undertall body sculpt from the Hal Jordan figure from the Green Lantern series. Check the photos on the box - it's the solicited uniforms. Big frowns all around.

I was so surprised when I saw the figures that I obviously looked disappointed, and my LCS owner told me I didn't have to take them, but I know times are lean and they wouldn't have ordered it in otherwise, so I felt obliged. The three GLs still found a place on my shelf, but not in pride of place as I had imagined they would. I dare say Abin Sur will only last until I get my hands on the DCUC version.

So what is there to review here? Nothing but the final damage: One boxed set that contains markledly different figures from those solicited or pictured. Three great headsculpts on a crap body in a uniform that two of the characters never wore and one wore only in the Modern Age. One useless battle damaged Manhunter.

As for the number of disillusioned fanboys? Well, I'd say quite a few......

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