Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ramona Fradon rocks AFB's House!

Inspired by this thread at my online home, Critical Mess, I decided to purchase my first pieces of commissioned art from famed Aquaman artist Ramona Fradon. If you haven't checked out the Catskill Comics Original Art Site, do. It's a gem.

The plan was to get coloured headshots of my main man Aquaman and his trusty pal Aqualad, and then have them framed for my study / action figure display area for Christmas. I would have loved to have added Mera to the mix, but the budget just didn't allow for it at this time. Thankfully I ordered and paid before the AUD tanked against the greenback! To buy these now I'd have to sell one of my kidneys.... or kids......

The art arrived the other day and it's amazing. Everything I had hoped for. If I was going to quibble at all, it would be that Aqualad really should have purple eyes, but I am just overlooking that because I love these so much.

I don't have a scanner, but the headshots are up on the Catskill site as well, so it was easy to bring them over here!

Have to save up a bit for the framing - when it's done I'll show you the final product!

Once the framing is done, I've got my eye on some Mike Grell Legion commissions, but not until the exchange rate gets back into whack!

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