Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DCUC Wave 4 Squeaks in to 2008!

Picture 001 When I found out that the cases of DCUC Wave 4 didn’t contain full waves, I decided to cancel my pre-order and be uncharacteristically patient, collecting the figures I wanted and the figured I needed to build the Collect & Connect, rather than ending up with extra Wonder Women, a WW variant I’m not really interested in and still needing a piece of Despero.

It took a bit of hunting through eBay listings with ridiculous international shipping prices and eventually a little help from some online friends, but I managed to collect the five figures needed for the Collect & Connect, including the variant Captain Atom.

Picture 004Initially I wasn’t rapt about the character selection for this wave, but in “the flesh” most of them are growing on me. Wonder Woman is a breakthrough for 6” female figures at the retail price point with this level of articulation. This is am excellent body sculpt that really looks female, with a detailed face and an excellent hair sculpt. She stands well and isn’t too bendy like Harley Quinn or many of the Marvel Legends females.

For a character I don’t really care about, Ares is now my favourite of the wave and one of my top figures in the line. The detailing of his armour is excellent, and the paint job on this figure is impeccable. His weapons are all a bit floppy as are his legs, which makes posing more challenging.

Picture 008Cyborg draws the short straw paint-wise, with white flecks on his chest marring the QC here. His armour is well designed, but the facial expression is a bit flat. His extra attachments are a great addition and fit well. Height-wise he really makes the Robin from Wave 3 look very silly. Not sure where DCUC is going with those teen characters.

The Variant Captain Atom always looked a bit frantic to me in photos, but it works in person better than I expected. I’d much rather have seen a Ditko version as the variant, but an addition to the Kingdome Come display isn’t all bad.

Picture 007I wasn’t really wild about the Despero Collect & Connect, especially with the great version that just came out from DCD, but this version is better looking than I imagined. His legs took a bit of effort to connect. His weapon snaps on to the strap on his back, and 

Batman Beyond really isn’t on my radar as a character, and while the execution is good here paint and sculpt-wise, he seems a little overtall to me. Meh.

Picture 009DCUC is quickly becoming a must collect for me, despite distribution issues, eBay scalpers and a few worrying QC issues. The group shot gets more impressive with every wave!

Wave 5 is going to be a big challenge to collect as we have no Wal-Marts here, so it’s going to be another case of working my hardest to be patient! I’m mostly after Black Lightning and Atom, and have to say that Riddler looks pretty poxy, but knowing my OCD tendenices when it comes to figures, I dare say over time I’ll collect the lot to make Metallo!


Tommy! said...

I really like these new figures, especially the BATMAN BEYOND one...very cool! That cartoon was really great & very under-rated. I might have to keep an eye out for that one, ha ha!

BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

Thanks, Tommy

Scott said...

Yes I agree about the cartoon and don't mind the character or the figure, but I was a bit sorry to see him in DCUC so early when there are so many truly in-continuity characters still to be done.

Great blog by the way!

Joe Dy said...

We have the same problem here in the Philippines. No Wal*Marts.

I'm not too hpt about Eradicator, and Black Lightning went from Must-have to Meh after they turned his Goggles into painted on features instead of translucent ones.

I just scored Wave 6 in Hong Kong though.

Anonymous said...

Its getting easier to find Wave 4 around here. But thats the one and only thing and only at Target. I was actually getting excited about hunting again for the first time in like 9 years only to find Wonder Womans and Cyborgs up the wazoo. Pretty depressing actually I didn't find DCUC for a month or two and then suddenly only Wave 4 is here in January. Only 4 months late. Toys R Us only seems to carry isInfinite Heroes. And you can forget about Wal-Mart. The only DC stuff is..Dark Knight, Dark Knight, and well Dark Knight.

Don't think I'll ever see Wave 5 at any Wal-Mart around. Why wait for Wave 8 probably will hit some time around July in brick/mortar stores when I can order a case from Entertainment Earth shipped in March?

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