Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The beginnings of DCUC Wave 10 at AFB!

Retailer exclusive lines are not the friend of any collector, but to the international collector they are the enemy. I read in one of the latest round of Mattel Q&A’s that DCUC Wave 10 “will be available to all of Wal-Mart’s international locations”. Seeing as there are NO Wal-Marts in Australia, that’s super helpful!

Thanks to my friends at Critical Mess, I’ve managed to get on a DCUC 10 “Want List” and am being helped out by some of the members there to get the figures from this wave. I’m also lucky enough to be close to the top of the list, I’ve already scored Power Girl and Joker and have a Forager on the way!

I’ll save a detailed review for the happy day when I have the whole wave (minus Batman, who I already have enough versions of), but I’ll just say now that this has to be the best 6” version of Joker ever. Amazing that Mattel has done in one what DC Direct has failed to do in so many attempts. Great headsculpt, great props, great everything,

Also, you’ll note in the packaging shot that Power Girl has been strategically positioned to keep the conservative market from goggling too much at her “assets”. The figure is great, but the funny pose curse strikes again somewhat with a slightly warped left leg. Doesn’t take the shine off the figure, but I do wish Mattel would stop creating unnecessary issues with figures through silly packaging.

More when Forager arrives, and hopefully the rest of the wave won’t be far behind!

Until next time!


bigraj said...

Congrats on the score! I'm very happy for you, and immensely jealous. ;)

Kyle said...

awesome find, they are some awesome figures.

fishmilkshake said...

Way to go Andy! And whats with that leg thing? It seems to be really common....especially on female figures!

ryanlb said...

Congrats, and I hate you. No one in Australia should be getting these before everybody in the States has them. At least, that's how it seems to work out with Star Wars.

It's just not fair that you'll have a whole set before I even manage to find one of these. :( Yes, I'm just insanely jealous.

Hope you can get the rest of the figs.

Westy said...

How good is that Joker? It looks so much like the old JLA one from the 80s!

demoncat said...

glad you got the wave. me i only have plans to pick up robot man and beast boy for already have man bat batman and joker do not need any more versions of the clown prince of crime. as for power girl surprised some one has not objected to certain assets of hers being in toy form. yet

Ollie Queen said...

"Amazing that Mattel has done in one what DC Direct has failed to do in so many attempts."

I don't know.. DCD has had their share of amazing Jokers. The Batman and Son Joker, for example, just looks so vastly superior in quality to me than the DCUC Joker. I would probably say the same for the Alex Ross Joker.

Good luck getting the rest of the wave.

Tom Freak said...

The classic almost Super friends look of that Joker is very interesting. Still, judging only for the pictures, I like DCD's Batman and Son Joker and Infinite Crisis Power Girl better.

This opinion may change after I see the figures in person, if that ever happens.

Thanks a lot Mattel!

Rod Keith said...

What I like about Mattel, or perhaps more accurately the Four Horsemen, is that they tend to hit the nail pretty squarely on the head the first try, to create iconic versions of characters we've seen many times before, and Joker and PG are no exception.

DCD obviously does excellent versions of many characters, and I wouldn't part with my Silver Age Joker or IC Power Girl, but these ones fit so nicely with the rest of the Mattel line that we can move on (and not be tricked into buying multiple versions until they 'get it right', a la DCD) to fresher pastures without wishing for a better version of either.

Anonymous said...

DCUC is a frustrating line to collect. Character selection is a big thing for me and they're doing all the obvious ones plus characters that have already gotten DC Direct releases before (Wave 12 Hourman, Green Arrow being a few examples). For obscure choices there hasn't been many aside from the Metal Men, Doom Patrol and Killer Moth. This is even more true for the females. Artemis got done but she is in 90's Wonder Woman costume as a variant. Not exactly my first choice when thinking of her. There are four times as many figures released as opposed to Masters Classics which is one per month and that's an small advantage but with such odd character placement and Mattel's themed formula for each wave (A-lister,Universe Connections, etc) it is pretty frustrating to find anything to get.

The last figure I bought was DCUC 8Wave but that was mainly for the Giganta C&C and Classic Hawkgirl. The rest of the figures I have sitting opened up for the C2C parts. I'm thinking about dumping them but honestly probably won't get anything for them on the secondary market. Hell, figures from Waves 6 and 7 and the soon-to-be-not-so-rare 2 pack with Mongol and Superman didn't fetch me but 25 bucks from BBTS. On, E-Bay they probably won't even sell.

Masters also has limited character selection and the monthly wait for 1 figure is honestly annoying. If they were released faster in waves then you could have much more enjoyment rather than waiting for the missing piece in you're collection months down the road. The only real draw to the line left more is the creatures/giants -Tytus, Megator, Gygor and Lord Dactus that may show up. But if wanted creatures there are other lines that could probably fill the gap from the old McFarlane toy line which has numerous releases that can be had for cheaper than what one MOTUC figure goes for on E-Bay.

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