Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Bevy of Bowen Busts!

Oh, to have the budget to buy every Bowen Statue and Bust I like, and the room to display them!

With most lines I collect, I tend to have some sort of parameters to keep things in some semblance of control. With Bowen's Marvel products, I try to focus on Mini-Busts of Avengers, Defenders and X-Men, which casts a pretty broad net, but does keep me away from quite a number of great looking pieces that would be otherwise hard to resist. As well as collecting current releases, I love keeping an eye out for reasonable deals on past pieces, and I've managed to snag three recently: Polaris, Jack of Hearts and She-Hulk.

Polaris' iconic green costume is one of my favourites, and it's captured beautifully in this bust. I love the dynamic pose that has been sculpted for the Maid of Magnetism. Lovely paint work here is highlighted by a nice metallic sheen on her bodice and headpiece which adds depth and texture. A Marvel Masterpiece indeed!

Last seen as a corpse being used to Disassemble the Avengers, Jack of Hearts is looking in much better shape in Mini-Bust form. I can only imagine what a bear it must have been for the sculptor to create all the detail on his costume, but it's been done brilliantly. Once again, a combination of metallic and flat paints adds to the depth. The blue used on his sleeves and skullcap is a tad dark for my liking, but doesn't stop this bust from cutting an imposing figure.

Finally, an Avenger with a much more distinguished career: She-Hulk. She's captured here in my favourite version - with Byrne-style hair and her well-known purple and white bikini. I like the pose and most of the sculpt, but her waist is perhaps a tad too improbably thin - but don't tell her I said so! The base is also a tad rudimentary compared to Bowen's efforts in it's more modern pieces. Very nice paint work makes for a great piece overall.

So AFB's Bowen shelves are a tad more full, and yet adding these characters just makes to holes for their missing teammates more obvious! I dare say you should stay tuned for some more additions!

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Until next time!


chrismandesign said...

Bowen Designs always puts high standards in statues issues... its sculptors & painters r filigree artisans... all these pieces r simply a prodigality of good taste & i’m in agreement with u, is a wise deal to go for the NOT so recent ones ’cause unless u would b a zillionaire, this kind of stuff is very expensive to afford it... all of them r fantastic collection figures doubtless, congrats !!!

Westy said...

Those're some nice busts. I hope you've got the space to display them proudly.

Prowl26 said...

Beautiful pieces. I am not a statue person myself but those look great.

fishmilkshake said...

Very n ice indeed. That Jack of Hearts is just perfect!

saruman said...

very very nice indeed.. all of them. Beautifully sculpted and painted!

chopa said...

Glorious! Though She-hulk is a bit too comic proportioned for my tastes.

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