Friday, March 19, 2010

DCUC Wave 5 is Coming Back on May 17th! has some great news for fans of DC Universe Classics who missed out on the Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave 5 - it's being reissued as a boxed set of 5 individually carded figures which include the Metallo Collect & Connect Pieces.

Here's the news as reported by "Matty" himself:

"Back in 2008, we released Wave 5, which was an instant success and subsequently pretty hard to find. If you missed your chance, mark May 17th on your calendar, because Wave 5 is coming back!

This release is identical to the one in 2008 − same package, same decos, not a single change to the figures. Like all our boxed sets, these are individually carded figures packed into a single box. The set has the five figures you need to build a 9” Collect and Connect™ Metallo figure. Take a look inside and you’ll find these classic characters ready to rock your collection:

• Eradicator
• Black Lightning
• Amazo
• The Riddler
• The Atom

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This is good news, and a good show of faith from Mattel to try to assist collectors to complete the line. I look forward to watching eBay prices for the original Wave 5 figures plummet accordingly!
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Kyle said...

I wonder how much they're going to charge for the set. Too bad they at didn't give Eradicator and Black lightning the clear goggles.

"This release is identical to the one in 2008 − same package, same decos, not a single change to the figures."

Same awful quality control???

bigraj said...

That's what I'm worried about, too. Hopefully Mattel will give some insight into that matter. Glad that folks are getting another chance at these, but I'd hate for them to get a figure that breaks just like the first release.

chopa said...

Glad I'm not interested in anyone from this wave.
Good to see them coming back though. Eradicator does need his clear goggles.

ryanlb said...

I imagine this is going to be the going rate times 5, so I'm glad I got these while the price was still $10 a fig.

Still, if I didn't have the wave, this would be awesome news, because wave 5 is one of the best ones.

I can't afford a second Metallo, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a second if I could.

Prowl26 said...

hopefully the ebay prices and such DO go down as I really just want an Eradicator.

Westy said...

I'm guessing the reason they aren't changing anything is to save on costs, rather than to hose the secondary market.

IT'll be interesting to set what results they get, and if this leads them to do more re-release lines...

chrismandesign said...

it seems that this "good news" result into "bad news" suddenly... As i don’t hav a reference for this wave, i can’t know if the complains r legitimate, the only thing i know is that this kind of reissues makes automatically that the 1st releases pieces increment their value, doesn’t matter if the 2nd release is identical to the 1st...

demoncat said...

at least Mattel is trying to make up to fans who did not get a chance when wave five hit due to low distribution . and maybe its the first of making sure if nothing else fans who can not find the waves in stores get a shot at getting the characters they want including the baf even though i have most of the characters . so past

Anonymous said...

Eradicator and Atom are probably the only 2 figures I want from that wave and Metallo looks awesome all by himself. Riddler, Amazo, and Lightning are just a waste a of time. Lightning getting ANOTHER release in the Public Enemies line.

Metallo is probably the real reason to go after this if you overlook the obvious rarity and resell factor. Too bad they don't sell BAFs as single carded figures any time soon. Hey, an idea! Matty, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Yeah, right..

Larry Romeo said...

Hope the cost of the set through Amazon will be reasonable. Great to read about the new release. I enjoy Lightning, Riddler, and Amazo.

Ation-Figures are great collector items.

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