Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mattel's MOTUC and DC SDCC Exclusives Revealed

After a false start last week, Mattel's SDCC Exclusives for the Masters of the Universe, DC Universe Classics and DC Infinite Heroes lines have been revealed on Attack of the Show. Here's the official video!

Most of the reveals have been teased or expected in some way, but we now have visuals and more detail.

The exclusives revealed and shown are:

MOTUC Mo-Larr and Skeletor Two-Pack - complete with Skeletor's Missing Tooth!

MOTUC Orko with Prince Adam "accessory". The SDCC Exclusive version of Orko turns transparent when dipped in water and has a spell book that reveals a SDCC logo when wet.

DC Universe Classics Plastic Man: deluxe figure with swappable limbs and a SDCC exclusive Plas-as-suitcase body.

DC Infinite Heroes Starro & The Justice League Set - HUGE Starro with five Silver Age JLA figures (including Aquaman!!) and a small Starro for each of their faces.

Also shown - Mego Style Ghostbusters!

This is very impressive set of exclusives, and best of all there's nothing Gleek-ish in the SDCC - only versions that is going to worry many collectors who have to buy to the web versions after the con!

Attack of the Show will have more reveals next week!

You can discuss this at the AFB Forum, and comment on this post to enter the April AFB Comment of the Month Contest!

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ryanlb said...

Cool, nice. I don't care about most of them, I want Prince Adam (throw Orko in the garbage), and I Needs Plastic Man, but I don't need any of the SDCC specific variations.

Well done Mattel, well done.

chrismandesign said...

all those releases r fantastic for me, i love all creatures, even if i’m not a declared fan of none of these series/characters... Mattel becomes more & more attractive with its super commercial products... THX GOD i’m absolutely clean of money, so there is no chance for temptations =PPPP

chopa said...

I do kinda want Mo-larr but not the fancy skeletor.
Orko in the clear I can give or take, awesome about the Prince adam pack-in.
Plasticman is plastic?
Starro looks pretty sweet for a DCIH. heroclix was more dynamic however.

Westy said...

I am SO glad I'm not in DC and MOTUC lines after this, because I would definitely be up for a bit of cash there. I still like the Starro one enough that if I saw it for a decent price, I'd probably get it.

fishmilkshake said...

That's some pretty impressive stuff. If you collect any of those lines you gotta be happy that Mattel are trying. Now if only the rest of us could get our hands on them }:|

Wants me a Plastic Man!!!!

demoncat said...

other then that Starro and the plastic man with the suit case form do not care for any of that stuff. espically the Orko with Prince Adam a waste since Adam needs to be in the regular line. Molar would have been better for a robot chicken line. and just wait that stuff will show up on ebay sooner or later

bigraj said...

Very excited about Plas, and while I guess I can live without the suitcase, the bag of small starfish not being available on Matty's site afterwards soured me on the Starro set. The high price didn't help, either.

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