Tuesday, July 13, 2010

AFB Enters the Original Comic Art World with SECRET SIX

I've long been a fan of DC Comics Artist Nicola Scott, especially when she's illustrating the wonderful stories of Gail Simone (who is #1 on my Fanboy I-Will-Meet-You-Before-I-Die List - .but not in a creepy way. Really. Okay, maybe a little). However, I only recently learned that the lovely Nicola is in fact an Australian! Gail and Nicola's work on SECRET SIX is right up there as one of my favourite runs of books out there at the moment, and SECRET SIX is still always at the top of my reading pile in the week it comes out. The book stands alongside LEGION OF SUPERHEROES and X-FACTOR as the only books I collect in single issues AND trades. If they print SECRET SIX toilet paper I'll buy that too. But never use it of course. That would be REALLY creepy.

Nicola was recently a guest at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney. I had hoped to stop in and get a sketch from her, but alas, I couldn't stay long enough to do so. To console myself, I did a bit of searching to see if she sold her artwork anywhere, and I discovered the comicartshop website, and more specifically, Royd Burgoyne's Comic Art Shop, which sells original pages from a number of artists, including Nicola! Score!

I've bought a couple of commissioned pieces, but never having purchased original comic art before, I decided to stay at the lower end of the price range and buy an interior page. My final choice was page #5 from issue #9 of the Secret Six ongoing series. My main criteria was a page that featured Bane, who has become one of my favourite characters in comics thanks to what Gail has done with him in this series. Some Catman and Scandal certainly didn't hurt - and for my other fave character in the series, Deadshot, there's always next time - sorry Floyd!

I've taken some of my own photos of the piece, which are on Facebook, but I'm posting the scan of it from Royd's shop here as my photos simply don't do it justice. Click on the pic for a bigger version. Nicola's artwork compliments Gail's writing perfectly. Gail writes such strongly developed characters, and Nicola has an ability to convey characterisation and emotion through her artwork that reminds me of the master himself, George Perez. Gail's words may be missing from the page, but her intentions are clear. Doug Hazelwood's inks are brilliant as well. Mrs AFB and the AFB-ettes, despite being totally clueless as to what the whole thing was about, were really impressed with this, and Mrs A gave me much more than the usual "that's nice, dear" I normally get for new toy acquisitons, and in fact urged me to get it framed right away to ensure nothing happens to it. High praise indeed!

I have to give huge props to Royd Burgoyne's service. His communication was excellent, and the way the piece was packed was so amazing I had to take a photo of it for you - see Facebook. I'd happily recommend his store to anyone. Just don't buy the pieces I want please!

So, many thanks to Nicola, Doug, Royd and Gail for making the popping of my art-buying cher... er, my first tim... uh... oh, goshdarnit - for making me so happy! I hope it was good for you too! I definitely want to do it again!

You can see more pics at Facebook, discuss this at the AFB Forum, and comment on this post to enter the July AFB Comment of the Month Contest.

Until next time!


Saranga said...

I love Nicola Scott's pencils. :)

Good find!

fishmilkshake said...

Great stuff Andy! A beautiful piece. But it's a slippery road. I went down that path once and it became an obsession! :)

chopa said...

Mmmmmm delicious inking. Good looking stuff too.

chrismandesign said...

as a graphic designer, i love original artworks (should i say masterpieces???) from illustrators, photographers, comic/manga artists & OFC from another colleagues, but they r usually out of the range of my budget... anyway, if i hav a chance, i will buy at least one of them gladly... exquisite work, plenty of detail, although it has an slightly sadomasochistic taste, is simply awesome !!!

Polarboy said...

Nice. I'm not familiar with the book (or the artist) but the thought of owning original artwork is very appealing.

Saranga said...

btw the forum is broken.. it says the server is having problems :(

Doug Hazlewood said...

That was a nice surprise to see a page I inked on here! Nicola and I are moving to TEEN TITANS. I reckon it is safe to say that now since they released the colored art of the first cover yesterday.

First time since the original Marvel Try-Out Contest that I have inked bluelines, but it was go 'digital' or get left in the dust. I feel rather old to be learning all of this new stuff (and learning to print out the pencils and learning more about real Photoshop).

I live in Texas, so it does save DC some money on FedEx between Australia and Texas and New York.

Emmanuel said...

I actually just saw Nicola a few days ago, she recognised me before I recognized her!
[we've taken some of the same masterclasses]

Doug Hazlewood said...

I am always willing to consider trades--artwork/signed TPB's/comics for figure/toy/statue wants. I rarely get to any comic shows these days, so I miss getting to trade in-person.

My wife would always prefer I NOT trade, as I do already have a lot of 'stuff.' Once a collector, always a collector. I try to weed out some of the excess when I can. Still need to make a case for my Premium Format Hulk!!!

What I have listed on ComicArtFans is what I have left, though I am almost thru with TEEN TITANS #88. I'll get to keep everything I inked (as I am inking on bluelined pencils).

Scott said...

Doug - thanks so much for commenting here!

We'd love to have you at the AFB Forum which is - especially if you're a keen toy collector!

I'd love to be able to ask you some questions about the inking process too!

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