Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Party's Over, but the buying has just begun!

I hope you that all of my collecting brethren and.... sistren (?) enjoyed the latest of our peoples' religious festivals, the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. AFB took a hiatus during the Con as there are a number of sites that do a fabulous job of covering the reveals and news of SDCC, and I was too busy keeping track of everything they were reporting to post here as well!

As always, I especially enjoyed Michael Crawford's brilliant photo coverage of all of the toys and statues displayed and revealed during the course of the Con. Michael's up close photos really allow you to check out what's going to be on offer in the year to come. Thanks MWC for another great year of coverage!

AFB will be back on track in August, starting with our Comment Contest, and then some post-SDCC posts on the things that I'm most excited about adding to my collection. From the looks of things, there will be no shortage of things to spend our hard-earned money on!

That's it from AFB for July! In the meantime, what was your favourite reveal at SDCC? You can comment on this post for a last minute chance to win the AFB July Comment Contest!

Until next time!


Tom Freak said...

I know I might be repeating myself now. But the DC Universe Action Legue line is the thing I'm most excited about.

chopa said...

Favorite reveal: 4 Horseman's Symbiotech. I'm quite excited about the line.

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