Sunday, April 24, 2011

Please have a gander at "Trade Waiting Tales"

Because I wasn't blogging enough.....

I have set up a blog specifically for a weekly (or so) review of the latest trade I've read. This is partly to make me more discipline about working through the ever-growing pile of trades on my night stand, and partly to give me an outlet to make sense of them, as I find writing about things is often my preferred way of responding to them.

The blog is called "Trade Waiting Tales" as trades have really become my preferred way to read comics, for reasons detailed in the first post at TWT.

The new site can be found at and I'd love it if you could have a look!

Also, I have a Facebook page and Twitter feed for the new blog which are both very lonely at the moment - please give them some love! 

Thanks for your support, and happy reading!

1 comment:

Westy said...

Like the new blog, and it's off to a strong and even handed start.

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