Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome our new sponsor,!

AFB is pleased to welcome as a new sponsor!

It's taken me a long time to settle on an e-tailer for the higher end pieces that I can't order through my LCS. I've had some fits and starts with other sites, but late last year I settled on BBTS as my preferred shop for a few reasons.

Pre-orders seem to be the name of the game with higher end pieces, and BBTS has one of the best pre-order systems around. When you log in to your "My Account" section, you can view all orders that have shipped, and separately view your pre-orders. It's very easy to make changes to your pre-orders, and there is an automatic notification system to let you know when pre-orders are in stock and when they ship. I've particularly been ordering items that may be hard to get through BBTS, as the larger retailers seem less likely to get "allocated" items by Diamond than your smaller LCS - and there are just some items that one doesn't want to miss out on!

BBTS also has a "Pile of Loot" program which allows you to store up items for combined shipping at a later date - up to 180 days! I'm generally too impatient to wait for my statues and Hot Toys pieces, but if you collect a range of smaller items or are on a budget, the Pile of Loot option is a great way to manage things.

The other thing I've really enjoyed about BBTS is their shipping. As an international customer it can be a struggle to find reasonable shipping options, but BBTS has a range of choices available depending on your budget and desire for insurance. I've had no hassles with the timing or quality of anything BBTS has shipped me, and as a frequent buyer, I love the fact that they use heavy duty bubble wrap instead of packing peanuts. It's easy to re-use or break down to discard. (Ask me someday about the Green Packing Peanut Disaster of 2011 and you'll understand why I try to avoid them at all costs....)

All up, I can heartily recommend as an online store you should consider, and am delighted to welcome them as a friend of Action Figure Blues!

Until next time!


Unknown said...

Good Deal! BBTS is suppose to be one of the best much like Mike's. : )

Westy said...

Love it! BBTS are my #1 source of figures. I resort to other means when I am (infrequently) unable to get what I need through them.

Also, it's well worth getting trades, etc through BBTS if you already get your figures/busts/statues through them. Most trades add next to nothing to shipping costs for a bigger sized box.

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