Thursday, February 02, 2012

AFB Asks Matty for 1 February 2012!

Some technical snafus have kept AFB out of the last couple of rounds of Ask Matty, but we’re back today with a new instalment!

Q. A comment recently that Granny Goodness was not on the cards for Club Infinite Earths as figures that needed 100% new tooling weren't possible. What exactly is the percentage of new tooling that is workable?

A. Tooling is based on sales. We had a very low sell in rate for the online 2012 DCU sub and therefore we had less tooling to use. We will have to see how day-of sales go and how the 2013 sub sell in rate goes before revisiting other highly tool'd figures. At the end of the day fans vote with their purchase. If DCUC sold as well as MOTUC we could certainly look at fully tool'd figures, but as of now, it does not so we have to be creative with the tooling we do have to use.

Q. Is there any possibility that multiple packs of WWE figures might be sold at Mattycollector? This would be away to bring collectors a few fan-demanded characters at once!

A. Yes, this is something we are looking into.

Q. Are there any firm plans to bring more Legion of Superheroes characters to either Club Infinite Earths or DC All Stars?

A. Yes in time.

Q. Has Club Lion sold well enough to ensure a second year of the subscription?

A. The subscription did not so we are waiting to see how day-of sales go before giving the green lite on a 2013 extension of the line.

Q. Is the Star Sisters Three-Pack a one-off, or are Three-Packs a possibility for future MOTUC releases?

A. We are not going to force any figures into a 3 pack, but if there is a logical pairing of 3 figures we are open to this option.

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Adam said...

no granny? boo. what about a rerelease of Mister Miracle without that stupid scowl, or a Barda who actually stands as tall as she should?

fishmilkshake said...

Some decent answers which is nice. Well done all.

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